Monday, January 18, 2016

Week 22

AREA: Benson, AZ
COMPANION: Elder Rasmussen
Monday 1/11: Today was my first p-day in the new area. Wasn't bad for
the most part... First thing we did really was got up and got ready
and did the normal stuff then went to the library around 10:00. After
emailing some we went to lunch with a member that was at the library
and offered to take us out. After lunch we went to Walmart to do some
of our shopping then went to the church to hang out for the rest of
our pday. I've been practicing my guitar a lot lately and I'm getting
a lot better. After all our pday stuff we went to Kristina & Richards
for a FHE. Kristina is our investigator and Richard is a member. Then
we went over to the Carruthers house.

Tuesday 1/12: Temple trip Tuesday!! Today I got to go to the Gila
Valley temple and do an endowment session. The temple is so amazing
and if you haven't had the opportunity to go yet work towards it
because it is one of my favorite places on earth. Well... After the
temple we went to zone lunch at this Hawaiian restaurant that was
super good. We then went back to Benson for dinner... Wasn't very
hungry but still had to down a burger, fries, and drink... Ugh. Wish I
could have canceled on dinner, I was stuffed before even showing up.

Wednesday 1/13: Today was zone meeting so you could imagine how long
and boring that was... Learned some good stuff about companionship
unity and the importance of it and some other stuff that I learned I
need to work on. After zone meeting we went and got the truck washed
because it looks like we went mudding in it. We don't have a good car
wash in our area so we had to wait to go to Sierra Vista. We then went
to our investigator Jane & Ron's house and talked then shared a
message on the importance of the small and simple things. Dinner was
pretty crazy... Just a bunch of kids running around all over the
place. We then had a lesson with Kristina and Richard on the Book of
Mormon which was pretty awesome.

Thursday 1/14: Long day of a lot of service. Literally all we did was
service... First service that we did was for Bro. Fenn. We helped him
chop a bunch of wood with this hydraulic wood splitter. After doing
that for awhile we helped him fix his 1998 Silverado that just had the
engine rebuilt. That service was great and we were able to help him
out and get to know him and his non-member son out. We then went over
to Brother Carruthers house to help him move a bunch of stuff around
at another one of his properties. After we helped him out he showed us
a bunch of the stuff he has sitting around his property. It's pretty
cool what he has, he's a welder and just collects a bunch of medal
stuff everywhere.

Friday 1/15:  Today was a typical Friday on the mission... Spent
almost all day planning and studying... We went and tried to find some
people but wasn't very successful. Kinda a rough day.

Saturday 1/16: Today was a pretty good day, we did district blitz
which is when everyone is our district goes to one companionship a
area and knocks doors to help them find some new investigators. We
found them 3 potentials that might go somewhere but we will have to
see when they follow up with them. After lunch we went to go visit
some people and scheduled an appointment with GG for next Sunday. GG
is a recent convert in another wards mom. Then we went over to Tim's
for a lesson on the Book of Mormon which ended up being awesome for a
random stop by. He is kinda flaky and doesn't stay on task very well
but we really got him interested in the Book of Mormon which was
exciting. We then had dinner just so you know... Pizza for the third
night in a row. After dinner we stopped by the Tiltons which is a less
active family to invite them to church. Sadly they didn't make it

Sunday 1/18: Today was really awesome! Woke up got ready and went to
church. Today was stake conference so it was only 2 hours. After
church we went home for lunch and then set out to change lives. While
we were out visiting people we met a previous investigator that was
wanting to meet with the missionaries again. His name is Joshua
Benton, we have an appointment with him next Saturday and Can't wait
to teach him:) After visiting with him we stopped by another
potentials and he wasn't really interested... He said he was but just
asked for our phone number and said he would call when he had time to
meet with us. Tonight we got a new investigator which was awesome! We
went to go visit Jose and while we were there someone that lives in
the same apartment as him started asking questions about the Book of
Mormon and asked us if we would help him quit smoking. We told him for
sure and then ended up teaching him about the Book of Mormon and
prayer. He said the closing prayer and it was amazing. Can't wait to
see him again on Tuesday!

This week I really noticed how important it is to bear your testimony.
As a missionary I bear my testimony practically every day. Everytime I
do it my testimony gets stronger and the spirit speaks to the people
I'm bearing my testimony too stronger each time. This week I bore my
testimony of the Book of Mormon and how I found it to be true. My true
conversion I wouldn't say happened till I was in college. This week I
was really thinking about how I found the Book of Mormon to be true
and I really remembered clearly how it happened. I remembered all my
friends were being such a good example to me and gave me a desire to
be like them. I was also taking Book of Mormon 1 for school and to
pass the class I had to read the Book of Mormon. While reading I
recognized how I felt and how much of a difference it made in my life.
This is when I really got down on my knees and asked God if the Book
of Mormon was true. The answer I got was yes... Not only was it just a
solid yes but it was a more my mind was opened and I realized how much
the book had changed my life after reading it for just a short amount
of time... This book had to be the word of God, no way a normal man
could have just written this book and changed the lives of Millions of
people. I want to invite you all to read and ponder the teachings of
the Book of Mormon and when you feel ready and have a true desire to
get an answer get on your knees and pray to know of its truth. Even
though I've done that already and I know of its truth I still ask to
know if the church is true on a daily basis. Moroni's promise in
Moroni 10:3-5 doesn't say ask once to know... Ask and you will receive
an answer. I promise you that.

LOVE YOU ALL!! Have a great week thanks for all the love and prayers


Elder Smith


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