Friday, April 8, 2016

Week 33

AREA: Benson, AZ
COMPANION: Elder Rasmussen

Monday: Today we just hung out at the Garner's and it was pretty
awesome in my opinion. I really enjoy sitting around the house and
just relaxing...

Tuesday: This morning we did our normal morning routine. We were
supposed to have a lesson with Toni today but she was not having a
very good day health wise with the cancer and everything. All of our
backup plans fell through too and we ended up going to the Dover's to
pick up my suit. I had a hole in the butt so she fixed it for me. We
had lunch, gave a sister in our district a blessing, went to the
Browns for a lesson, ate dinner, went to the Sigley's which went
alright... The kids were crazy as usual but I feel like they still got
something out of the lesson. We then went to our lesson with Kristina
which was really good, planned something and ended up talking about
the Plan of Salvation.

Wednesday: This morning I did a lot of studies... Lately I really have
been enjoying my studies. We didn't have district meeting today
because we have the Restoration Challenge follow up meeting tomorrow.
Could have done better at teaching it everyday then we did. After
studies we went and saw some of the less actives on this list we have.
We saw the Seeds, and the Rogers. The Rogers are pretty cool, brother
Rogers is the assistant principal of the school in benson and is
helping us with some of the kids were working with.

Thursday: This morning was the Restoration Challenge follow up meeting
which went well. Learned some good things about the power of the
restoration in conversion. After the meeting we got lunch, got NEW
tires on the truck which was much needed, got canceled on by our
investigator Jonathan. Went back to the house to wait for dinner to
get dropped off, and then went on my first member splits of the
mission. It was pretty cool... I went Brother Garner. The son of the
members I live with. Elder Rasmussen went with the ward mission leader
and saw Kristina. I saw Jose which was pretty good, we taught the
restoration which went really well. After the lesson we went back to
his house to wait for Brother Stanley and Ras.

Friday: Today we did studies, and then weekly planned pretty much all
day. Really good planning session today, pretty boring April fools
day. For lunch we did go and get Taco Bell with Aaron which was nice.
He doesn't get out of the house a whole lot so it was nice to bring
him out. Dinner was great! The members we had dinner with had two
non-members and we had the chance to go over the atonement and teach a
quick 2 min restoration. Don't know if they got anything from it...
But I feel like it went well. Hope there was a seed planted.

Saturday: Conference was today which was pretty good. I have a hard
time getting a lot out of watching conference... I always practically
pass out. So I'm going to have to read the talks when they come out.
In between sessions we helped Steve work on his semi truck which was
fun. Watched the second session, went to priesthood, and then got
transfer calls! I will be getting transferred to Central Tucson in the
Ghetto! Was not expecting to get transferred so soon but I'm excited
to go to the Ghetto. I heard that you teach a lot of people which is
super cool:) it will be a lot more different then this area and my
previous area but should be a lot of fun:)

Sunday: Sunday was pretty good, this morning a member invited us to
have breakfast with them and then watch conference. After watching
conference I went to Kristina and Richard, and Richie's to say
goodbye:'( gunna miss them so much. Moving on to bigger and better
things. Went home and watched conference with the Garner's, and then
packed for the rest of the night. That was a blast... I love...
packing. Not... Probably my least favorite part about transfering. Ill
be companions with a Elder Kapele who is pretty cool, he was in my
last district when I was in Catalina.

This week I have built a stronger testimony of scripture study.
Studying the scriptures whether it be the Bible, Book of Mormon, or a
something from the Ensign, Daily scripture study is one of the most
important things you can do that day. With me being on a mission I am
able to study the scriptures for multiple hours a day. A lot of people
don't have that time. It is still important to specifically set time
aside to sit down, say a prayer, and study the scriptures. In 2 Nephi
32:3 it says
"Angels speak by the power of the Holy Ghost; wherefore, they speak
the words of Christ. Wherefore, I said unto you, feast upon the words
of Christ; for behold, the words of Christ will tell you all things
what ye should do."
We will receive answers to our prayers and many more blessings if we
study the scriptures daily. I have seen how daily scripture has
blessed my life and the lives of those around me. I love you all! Have
a great week!


Elder Smith

Saying goodbye to Richard, Kristina, and Richie

Richie in a box

Steve's semi

Saying goodbye to Sandy and Al

Saying goodbye to Bro Barney

Saying goodbye to Steve and Dona

Saying goodbye to the Sigleys

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