Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Week 38

AREA: Central Tucson 
COMPANION: Elder Kapele  

This week was an adventurous one... Was sick most of the time sadly
but still tried my hardest to get out and work.

Monday: Got a haircut today finally... Decided to go shorter than
usual which I'm glad I did. I think it turned out pretty good. After
the haircut we went and got lunch, and then went to the church to
spend time with other missionaries. We deep cleaned the apartment
which was much needed... Glad we did that except the apartment then
smelled like bleach which was annoying.

Tuesday: First day of feeling sick... Threw up, slept, couldn't eat,
and threw up more. Super fun day.

Wednesday: Day two of feeling sick... Even though I still felt sick we
went to zone meeting which wasn't so bad. Felt nauseous the whole time
but was able to pay attention and do what I needed to do. Still not
able to eat a whole lot.

Thursday: Day three of feeling sick... Didn't want to lay in bed all
day and do nothing so I got out of bed and went to work. Went to
Foodbank today which was fun and at the same time exhausting... No
food for 2 days I didn't have a lot of energy. Had a lesson with
Vicente, stopped by goodwill to get him an alarm clock so he had
something to wake him up on Sunday's for church. Taught him the Word
of Wisdom which went very well and agreed to living it. Had dinner at
Roy's tonight which was alright... I tried to eat as much as I could
which wasn't a lot. After Roy's we went through the Potential List and
actually found two people to teach. It was a part member family with
two kids that wanted to start taking the lessons and get baptized:)

Friday: Feeling better but not normal. Had a lesson with Jodi this
morning which went well, weekly planned. During lunch we went down in
this tunnel that is under the gym, it was so cool. The thing is
probably about 100 ft long After planning we had a lesson with Jason
that went well, we taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ which I feel went
great. Had dinner with Lee and taught him his first new member lesson
:) really amazing to see how strong of a testimony he has.

Saturday: Woke up feeling better than the rest of the week. This
morning I actually ate breakfast which was nice for a change. After
eating breakfast we did studies went out and got to work. Stopped at
Jimmy Johns for lunch and had a miracle happen. An employee came up to
us and asked if he could meet with him after his shift. We met up with
him at a park and taught the Restoration. Very interesting
experience... He had been exposed to a lot of false doctrine and had a
lot of questions about our faith. Tried our best to answer the
questions, we will be visiting with him again sometime next week to
answer more questions.

Sunday: Church was great! We had 4 investigators at church! All of
which I'm pretty sure enjoyed it and will definitely be coming back:)
After church Elder Kapele Skyped home for Mother's Day while I just
sat and talked with Roy. That was pretty fun.... After that we had
dinner then went home to do studies since we hadn't had the chance to
do it.

Yesterday was Mother's Day which is one of the most important days of
the year after Christmas and Easter. This is the day we put aside just
to recognize how amazing our mothers are. I just want to say that I am
so great full for my mom and all she has done for me. She has been
patient with me and continued to show her love for me everyday. So
thankful for her being so supportive of me on a mission and shows her
love for me every week through her weekly emails. Love you so much
mom!! Everyone make it a goal to tell your mom everyday, she deserves
it after putting up with you for so long;) haha Have a great week

Love you!!

Elder Smith

The tunnel under the church

The whole mission with Elder Holland

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