Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Week 8

AREA: Northwest Zone, Tucson (Catalina, AZ)
COMPANION: Elder Young

Dear friends and family,

My week:

Monday 5th: P-Day was today... We didnt do anything really fun or
special which was kinda lame but it was still great and much needed.
First thing we did today was got a pump at the Otuafis as usual, went
the library where we kinda emailed. I spent most of the time trying to
figure out how to get my pictures from my gopro to my ipad which I
finally figured out which was great! After the library we went to zone
sports... I played alittle rugby but I mostly just talked with some
people and emailed some people on my ipad.

Tuesday 6th: Today we helped out Bea Kraus with some yard work at her
daughters house. Her daughter has some issues in her head and the
owner who she rents from is not very happy with the condition of the
yard. It WAS a total mess but is starting to look better with the hard
work of me and a few elders in our district. After helping her out
this morning we went home and did our studies and all. After finishing
that we tried to stop by Miranda our investigators house to see if she
was home but she was not. While driving around looking for something
to do we got a call from our vehicle coordinator saying we forgot to
turn in our gas receipts at the end of the month so we had to drive
all the way down to the mission office to drop them off. We went to
the Huss's for dinner tonight. They invited our investigator Rachel
Ramm who they are friends with to dinner and we had the opportunity to
teach her a lesson. Went great! We are starting to see progress in her
and she is finding right ways to answer her questions instead of
looking at anti mormon literature, she is looking on church websites
and praying about questions she has.

Wednesday 7th: Zone meeting... It was long, boring, and kinda stupid.
After zone meeting we had an appointment immediatly after it was over
so we missed lunch and got over there as fast as we could. The lesson
went alot better than expect being that she didnt want us to be there.
She is extremely shy and really wanted only the sister missionaries to
be there and teach the lesson. The sisters did come and teach the
lesson but we still had to be there since she was in our area. The
lesson the sisters gave was on the Book of Mormon and I feel like she
really enjoyed the lesson and is really serious about investigating
the church. After the lesson we got some food asap because we were
starving and then went to Bea's to read scriptures. Today Young got a
call saying he had a package at the Mission office that he had to pick
up so we stopped by there on the way to dinner. The package was pretty
awesome. It had a bunch of NBA stuff from his cousin, plus a classic
shaving cream kit, he didnt want that so he gave it to me so that was

Thursday 8th: Today was my first exchange with Elder Wall and Jacobs.
I went with Jacobs and we had a pretty good time together. We both had
the opportunity to vent alittle about our comps issues haha Together
we got alot of work done, we did studies, went to asl class, chipotle
for lunch where I ate a burrito that I added up the calaries and it
was 2000 calories... kinda explains how ive gained almost 20lbs my
first transfer... haha Gotta take advantage of all these calories and
start lifting hard core so I can turn some of the fat into muscle.
After our exchange we were supposed to go on another exchange with
Mogne and Paxman but didnt end up doing it because it was too late.
I'm glad that I packed all my stuff up for nothing.

Friday 9th: Weekly planning... Thats mostly what we did all day but
after that we went to the chandlers house to help move some furniture
over to Brother Chandlers mom's house. His mom is not a member and we
ended up eating at her new house and taught her a lesson. Things might
start with her but we will see, she seemed kinda intersted in it.
After dinner we went to the church for volleyball but nobody ended up
showing up except four sets of Elders. We ended up playing a game of 4
on 4 to 100 points and my team actually won which was a big surprise.
There team seemed like they were better than ours but I mean its cool
that we won.

Saturday 10th: Productive day... So on our area book app we have a
huge list of potential investigators that were on the list when we got
there so we decided to try to figure out who these people were. We
tried to drive to all the houses but only made it to about half and
met a lot of the people. None of them were interested in meeting with
us but its the invitation that counts. On the way to one of the
peoples house we were at a stop light and the guy in the car had his
window down so I decided I would as him if he wanted a copy of the
Book of Mormon. I rolled down my window and asked him... He said no
thank you but I asked! It was awesome! We did get into one
investigators house Martha who has been meeting with the missionaries
for year but has not been baptized. When we got to her house we didnt
have alot of time to talk with her because she had to leave soon but
last time we met with her we invited her to read 3 nephi 11 which is
when Christ comes to the America's and we also asked her to pray about
it to know if it was true. She did it! and she said she knew it was
true, and I really felt the spirit when she said that and she wasnt
just saying it to make us happy. Next time we are going over we are
going to try and bring Bill Smith with us who is a recent convert who
used to be an Elder in a Prespaterian church. She is having a hard
time with understanding the proper priesthood authority with baptism
so were hoping his testimony will help influence her to get baptized.
After Martha we had a new member lesson with Kim Pierce. Went well, we
taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ and it was awesome.

Sunday 11th:  Studies, Church, Dinner, and then went to the church to
imput some area book. After all that we went home to bed. But at
church today a member who joined the church about a year and a half
ago told us an amazing thing that he did. Him and his wife were at
Mcdonalds and while he was there he noticed a young man reading a book
and seemed to be enjoying it alot. So after he was done eating him and
his wife were walking to the car when he decided he needed to give him
a Book of Mormon. So he went to his truck where he had just put the
Book of Mormons because he felt a prompting to do so before he left
his house! and went inside and gave him the Book of Mormon and talk to
him about it. The kid said he had seen that book before and really was
wanting to read it but never had the chance. So he gave him his number
and said call if you have any questions... and if you really want I
can set you up with some missionaries! Rick is a perfect example of
what the members of this church should be doing. He KNOWS this is the
true church and he is like Abish in Alma 19:16-17 and wants to make it
known unto the people. He want the world to understand the great joy
and peace the restored Gospel has done for him.

Thank you to everyone is reading my emails I know there long but I
love sharing my experiences with you all. My testimony these past 8
weeks has grown so much I can't even believe its possible. The more I
read and STUDY my scriptures. The greater my knowledge of this
restored is and the stronger my belief in it grows. The Book of Mormon
is the key to all of it. I love the Book of Mormon so much and I am so
thankful that Joseph Smith translated the Golden Plates so we could
have it. Joseph Smith I know did take the challenge in James 1:5... He
asked God and got an answer that there was no true church on the earth
at that time... and there NEEDED to be a restoration.


Elder Smith

Zone picture

Zone picture

"Stuff from Elder Young's box"

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