Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Week 10

AREA: Northwest Zone, Tucson (Catalina, AZ)
COMPANION: Elder Young

Sunday 10/18: Today's morning was pretty normal for a sunday. Woke up,
did studies, ate breakfast... etc. Then went to ward council. Ward
council was pretty good for the most part. We then went home for some
lunch quick. Today was Tyson's Otuafis homecoming talk. The power
behind the things he said blew me away. I heard that before the
mission Tyson was a bit of a rebel... getting into trouble and such.
He changed a lot in order to go on a mission and changed even more on
his mission in Mexico. He is now a changed man, he is obedient and is
filled with the spirit. His talk really inspired me to stay focused on
my mission. After church we had more meetings and then went to Tyson's
welcome home party. It was crazy awesome how many people showed up to
their house... about 100 people my guess.

Monday 10/19: Pday... nothing extremely special happened today... We
did team sports again at the stake center, I got to work on some
emailing... and I got a pair of basketball shoes ordered today since
my Nike Free's were completely falling apart after playing basketball
in them 5 times. I can still use them to run I just didnt worsen the

Tuesday 10/20: Busy day today... We did our normal thing in the
morning but after that we went through a big list of less actives in
our ward that Brother Butler gave to us to go through to see if they
would like home teachers. Alot of the places we went too were no
longer being lived in or they werent interested. There was one person
we stopped at who was home and invited us in for a second. We talked
alittle about the church and then we went on our way because he was
"tired". But he said we could stop by again to share a message with
him which is awesome.

Wednesday 10/21: Me and Elder Young had a busy day today... We had a
bunch of lessons for us. 4 lessons and 1 of those was a member present
lesson. Funny thing is that we werent actually at the lesson because
the investigator wants to be taught by sister missionaries... so we
get to take the credit for it haha Today at the gas station I gave out
a Book of Mormon! A younger guy was filling up his truck with gas and
I started to talk to him alittle, before he left I felt prompted to
ask if he would like a Book of Mormon & he accepted the book! which
was awesome. Hopefully he will contact me soon:) We also got pulled
over today which was super fun haha I wasnt driving thank goodness but
he was going 50 in a 35 construction zone. Luckly he didnt even get a
ticket haha crazy.

Thursday 10/22: Today we did our normal morning routine. Since Tyson
has been back the Otuafis have been alot better at reading scriptures
every morning which is awesome! Then we had ASL class which kinda
seems like a waste of time... but you learn alittle which is good.
After ASL we helped sister Hull move into her house. Then we went over
to Doris's to grab my sun glasses and ended up teaching her a lesson.
She is a recent convert who is kinda struggling with some things but
we are trying to answer whatever questions she has.

Friday 10/23:This morning we went on a 2 mile run which felt good and
then we went to the food bank. That was alittle messed up since we got
there and waited for the truck for 2 hours and then had to leave
before we really got to help a ton. After that we visited some people
to invite them to the Halloween party and then went to dinner and
volleyball which turns into basketball and I got to use my new
basketball shoes!

Saturday 10/24: Today was an amazing day!! This morning was the Make a
Difference service project where we did some work on this community
park which was fun. While there doing service I saw my first rattle
snake up close. I got to pick it up with a rake and move it to another
area so that it wouldnt bite anyone before the fire department came
and picked it up. After service we went home and did studies and then
carved pumpkins to decorate our truck for the trunk or treat. We then
went out with Sister Bartel and went through a less active sisters. We
got to talk and teach a lesson to one of the people and it seems like
she isnt coming to church because of physical problems with her back
and all. Really sad... We then went back home and got everything ready
for the trunk or treat. The trunk or treat was great!! we had a bunch
of non members there and investigators and really made some progress.

I want everyone to know that anything is possible... This week I have
been reading this new book and I LOVE IT!! Its called Member
Missionary Work and Finding the Elect of God. I love this book and it
explains things in ways that I could never have thought of. Anything
is possible with the Lord on your side. It compares the love of a
parent and their child with Heavenly Father and His children. Its
starts off with asking a father about why he doesnt want his children
to play in the street. The father explains "because I love them and I
care for their well being" and then he asks what would you do if your
children ignored what you told them to do and played in the street and
ended up getting hurt? and the father replied. " I would feel
terrible". Just like a father on earth, Heavenly Father is sad when we
do something wrong. He loves us and I know you love him. We as
Heavenly Father's children should not want to hurt Him. No we are not
perfect... But we can do anything we put our minds to and more if we
have the Lord on our side. I know this to be true. I love my Heavenly
Father and I want to be the best I can be. Yes I mess up but thats why
we have the Atonement to help us. We have the right to repent of our
sins so we can return to Heavenly Father again. Ive seen the Atonement
play a role in my life big time and I am so thankful for it.

Be the best of your ability.


Elder Smith

Trunk or treat with Hank, Elder Wall, Young, and Jacobs.

My pumpkin carving.

The flowers I send to Savannah every week. What they look like before they get smashed and dried up in the envelope, at least.

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