Friday, December 25, 2015

Week 18

AREA: Northwest Zone, Tucson (Catalina, AZ)

Friends and Family,

Monday: Just your typical pday for the most part at the beginning of
the day... Went to sports and did some shopping... After all that
stuff we had dinner at the Madsen's which was fun, they invited a
Sister in our Ward who was widowed and can't have us over for dinner.
After dinner we had a lesson with William at the Barnes on the Gospel
of Jesus of Christ. William is such a cool little kid. He asks so many
questions and gets super excited about everything we have to say.

Tuesday: Rather interesting day for me today... Started out our day
pretty normal. We had a lesson with our investigator Rachel who is
always fun to teach. She always brings up stuff that she read off the
internet... We have to really be prepared for whatever it is... I
really is a bit stressful... But we're answering her questions and
things are actually getting better with her.  Later we had dinner at a
members where it happened... We ate some Cuban Pork bean stuff over
some rice... It was very good until later... Elder Ames lucked out but
after dinner we went to basketball and then when I got home I puked my
guts out.

Wednesday: This morning I woke up feeling horrible.. I even threw up
again... so I slept... I had to make the decision to go to district
meeting or to stay in... I decided to go which was miserable. I texted
sister Passey who is in charge of medical stuff and said to try to
sleep it off. After district meeting I went to sleep till about
Tuesday: I already slept in that morning and after sleeping more...
It added up to be about 13 hours of sleep. I felt bad because I had
slept practically all day so we went to the Barnes, came home and went
to sleep about 10:30ish...

Thursday:Woke up late again... Today I felt alittle better but not the
best... Woke up and then went to the Barnes to do service. I tried to
help but they ended up making me lay down on the couch while Elder
Ames did the work. Haha After that I went home and slept some more...
It was an exciting day.

Friday: Slept more... Woke up feeling extremely nauseous but went and
did service at the Chandlers. Tried to shovel the goat poo and hay but
was about to start puking so I decided to back off a little. After
Helping out the chandlers we went back home and I slept some more:/
Felt kinda like a sloth this week...

Saturday: Woke up, still feeling rather nauseous actually ate
something for once... Didn't puke it up... We had another lesson with
Rachel which was fun again. Brother Broadbent fellowshipped this
lesson which could not have been better.  Brother Broadbent knows the
Gospel inside and out and answered all of Rachel's questions with no
hesitation. It was awesome. We kinda sat back and watched him blow our
minds with some pretty deep doctrine. After that lesson we had a new
member lesson with Kim Pierce. That went well and then after her
lesson we dinner and then we went home and relaxed and went to sleep.

Sunday: Was a lot better. Felt a lot better, still felt bloated and
stuff but alright... Church was really good today. We had our
Christmas program thing and I had to participate in the choir... :/
wasn't to happy about that but it's whatever. After church we did some
finding.. No luck there, then went to dinner. Dinner was good... We
then went to the Barnes and talked for a bit then went home for

This week was very difficult and I hope will be better next week. I am
feeling a lot better and am ready to make up for lost time. It will be
a great week. Friday is Christmas, one of the most exciting days
of the year. Christmas music, presents, smiles, family, and the best
of all is to remember our Savior Jesus Christ. Every Christmas my
family always would put a stocking over the mantel with Jesus's name
on it. Every year for family home evening we would write a gift we
would like to give to the savior. Something that would make him happy.
So I would like to invite everyone to do just that. You don't have to
get a stocking for him... But give a gift to Jesus. It's kinda like a
New Years resolution but it's not for you... It's for Him. Give Him a
gift and put some thought into it before you give it and commit to it.
Love you all so much! Have a Marry Christmas!


Elder Smith

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