Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Week (14 &) 15

AREA: Northwest Zone, Tucson (Catalina, AZ)

Family and friends,

I just wanted to apologize first of all for not sending a group email
last week. It was transfers and I was too busy to get one written out.
I will try to update you all on how my past two weeks have been
without making it a novel.

Last week: The week was awesome. Sunday church was awesome and our
investigator Dax showed up which was a surprise but awesome! After
church we gave an awesome dinner message and then went over to Rick
and Robin's to kill some time and picked up two new investigators!
Aimee and her son William. P-day we had interviews with president
Passey which went pretty good nothing to worry about. I had my first
real exchange with Elder Maughan who is a pretty cool missionary who
is about to go home.

Tuesday was our lesson with Aimee and William which was one of the
best lessons of my life! Earlier that day with Elder Maughan we were
talking about how we had never set a baptism date on a first lesson.
During our lesson we taught the Plan of Salvation because we felt that
is what they needed to hear. At the end of the lesson we asked them if
they would work towards the date of December 19th to be baptized!!
They said YES!! It was an amazing experience and the spirit was so
strong. I know that they will be able to make it to that date if I
just have a little faith. We also had a lesson with a potential
investigator we tracted into Amanda! We taught the restoration on her
front porch and it was awsome! She invited us to come back as well to
teach another lesson.

The rest of my week consisted of going on another exchange with my
zone leader Elder Kientz which was okay. Sucks to not sleep in your
own bed but I lived through it alright. We taught some of his
investigators and recent converts so that was pretty awesome.

This past week: Pday was pretty busy for me... It was transfers so we
spent the day cleaning up, elder young was packing, and saying goodbye
to members of the ward. We didnt have alot of time to do pday stuff
which is why I didnt get a chance to write all my emails. After
getting to bed pretty late we woke up at 5:00 to get to the transfer
site to meet our new companions.

I met my new companion Elder Ames on Tuesday. It was pretty busy again
on Tuesday... We went home unpacked and were planning to go to the
lesson with Amanda but that canceled so we found some other missionary
stuff to do.

Wednesday wasnt too busy. We didnt have a whole lot to do. We did our
best to find things to do. Went and visited some members and tried to
visit with some investigators but for some reason people were busy the
day before Thanksgiving;)

Thanksgiving was pretty good:) We ate a lot and my pants continue to
get tighter and tighter. We had lunch with the Evenson's and dinner
with Huss's haha While we were at the Huss's we had the opportunity to
talk with Rachel, one of our investigators and scheduled an
appointment to teach her a lesson. Pretty awesome:) After our dinner's
we just went back to the house and relaxed. I am so Thankful for being
a missionary and I am so glad I made the decision to go.

Friday was pretty cool. We did all our studies then went over to the
Huss's house to do weekly planning by one of there calfs because it
wasn't used to humans and they wanted it to be. That went okay... The
cow became alittle more used to us being there but was a bit of a
distraction and we didnt get a whole lot of our weekly planning done
then so we had to make up for it that night.

Saturday was pretty cool... We did our normal stuff met with a recent
convert in the ward Doris Weber and then went to Huss's again for
dinner. Saturday for lunch we went to a lunch in after a baptism of a
kid in our ward. There was a lot of nonmembers invited to the baptism
who we got to talk to. They didnt know english very well but it was
still cool. After the Huss's we went over to Rick and Robins and gave
Aimee a short message.

Sunday: Today we found out some pretty sad news about our investigator
Kim's daughter. I  dont know how but she expectedly died. She was only
in her 20's :/ Please keep her family in your prayers. The Louder
family. After church we went to dinner then stopped by the Barnes
again. Aimee and William were there which was awesome! We got to
talking to Aimee alittle about how things are going with her reading
and what she thought of church and she is loving it all. The more she
does this stuff the more she can see her actually getting baptized on
the 19th of December.

The gospel blesses so many lives. We all have the opportunity to share
it with everyone.  Over these past couple weeks I have seen the
difference that the Gospel makes in other peoples lives. This is
Christ's church restored to the earth. We all have the opportunity to
study from it, share it, and apply it into our lives everyday. I love
this church, Christ's Church and what it has done for me and my
family. I am so thankful to have grown up being a part of it. I love
you all!


Elder Smith

P.s. my new comp is named Elder Ames, He is from Bear Lake Utah.

A little Christmas tree mom sent.

Elder Ames with the calf we tried to get used to humans.

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