Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Week 31

AREA: Benson, AZ
COMPANION: Elder Rasmussen


Monday: Pretty good pday, we just relaxed all day. Pretty laid back
and it was much needed. Aaron the member we live with is really bored
a lot of the time and for his therapy he needs to do things. Elder
Rasmussen is kinda a nerd so we're going to build a tesla coil with
him. We are taking parts from a old tv and using some of parts from
that to build it.
Tuesday: Awesome day! I felt really good about today, we were able to
see more people than we usually do and I felt like we were really
affective. This morning after studies we got a call from a member to
come over to her (nonmember) neighbor to give her a blessing. When we
got there we ended up giving 3 blessings. One to the grandma, mom and
daughter. We are now going to be teaching the mom Stephanie:) The
blessings were really amazing, I felt I knew exactly what Stephanie
needed to hear and the spirit truly was working through me to help
her. After the blessing she even said "how do you do that?? You said
exactly what I needed to hear and you don't even know me." There are
no words for describing it... It is an amazing feeling though. After
that we went and saw a less active and talked with her for almost 2
hours. She is lonely and doesn't get to talk to many people because
her husbands on business for 1 month at a time. We then went to the
Sigley's house and taught the restoration. It surprised us how well it
actually went. The kids are normally all over the place but were well
behaved and listened most of the time. Super great day!
Wednesday: Again an awesome day! Saw our investigator Tim and taught
the restoration again. He seems pretty interested in it and wants to
know more but he is really lazy... After that we went and saw a less
active today named William. He had this dog that kept barking at us.
Once he calmed down he seemed like a pretty nice dog till I went to
reach out to have him smell my hand and bit a huge chunk out of my
arm. That was fun... We then saw Tessa(a less active) after dinner and
had an amazing discussion on the Atonement.
P.s jk about the dog, he did try to come at me but just kept barking;) haha
Thursday: Today was okay... Had service at brother Barney's. We talked
a little about how we are going to help a less-active back on his
feet. He was caught the other day with heroin and Barney being the
amazing person he is, is going to do whatever he can to help him off
of it. We are also going to be there for him. We then went to Darlenes
to read scriptures, talked about how to help out this less active
who's on drugs. She used to volunteer with AA for 23 years and has a
lot of good advice on addiction recovery. We then had dinner, and a
lesson with Kristina. Before the lesson she cut my hair which felt
great:) my hair was so long.
Friday: Exhausting day... We spent almost the whole morning at
Barney's having an intervention with this less active. That really
didn't do much I feel like it... Pretty much told us he had it under
control and he can quit on his own. Which felt like we were givin the
🐥 <--- bird) We then went home and did weekly planning.
Saturday: Long day of service... Woke up and immediately left for
service. Service was super fun, we helped fix some swamp coolers, and
then helped catch some calfs to brand and dehorn. Never have I done
anything like that before haha. Had service at the Garners raking up
grass and getting ready for the big Easter party next Saturday.
Barney's again to what we thought we were going to do wire a building.
We get there and he says I'm having an electician come over to do
that, and so we ended up cleaning a deep fryer that he bought used.
The thing had so much greese on it that when we were scraping the
greese off it broke the blades on the scrappers. The thing wasnt
cleaned for 12 years...
Sunday: tiring day... couldnt fall asleep till like midnight the night
before. Church was long as usual...  I thought I would get used to
having 6 hours of church but not really. Every Sunday it gets more
difficult. After church we went to Tonis for a lesson which was
amazing! we taught the restoration and she loved it. She said that
everything we said made complete sense to her. Told us she still
needed to pray about it but loved it. We invited her to be baptized
and she said yes! We're still trying to figure out a exact date but
hopefully it's soon:) After her lesson we rushed over to dinner, had
dinner, then came home to spend time with the Aaron.

This week I would like to talk to you about the power of scripture
study. On the mission we have hours set aside to do studies. This is
not the easiest thing for me. This transfer I set a goal to be more
diligent and affective with my studies. This transfer I have done well
with this and feel like my testimony is stronger than its ever been. I
have been more in tune with the spirit and am more confident with
teaching. Doing scripture studies has blessed me so much and I am at
my happiest. I love the scriptures so much and the blessings they
bring are overwhelming and will change your life if you let them. Read
your scritpures! Even if you dont feel like it.

Love you all so much and thanks for all the prayers!


Elder Smith

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