Monday, March 7, 2016

Week 29

AREA: Benson, AZ
COMPANION: Elder Rasmussen

Monday: Today was your typical P-day... We did our normal routine this
week as usual. They had zone sports at the stake center but we didn't
feel like doing that so we went over to Brother Barney's and worked on
fixing a Brocken Golf Cart.

Tuesday: Today we had service at Barney's and instead of going over
just us, we decided to bring Jonathan to help him keep his mind off
his Grandma's death. Even though he almost rolled a golf cart I think
he had a blast. Hopefully we can start really teaching him soon...
After service we had a lesson with Dianne which went really well I
felt like. Instead of just reading from the Book of Mormon we taught
The Restoration. Me and Elder Rasmussen thought it went really well.
We invited her to read The Restoration pamphlet and to pray to know if
what we were teaching. She even said the closing prayer and asked for
guidance in her prayer.

Wednesday: District meeting was today, that was pretty good. We went
over to Bob Longs after District meeting and answered some of the
questions he had. We then took a ride in his 1952 Ford V8 Custom
Overdrive! It was sooo cool and I want one. After our ride we tried to
stop by Marideth's but she wasn't home. We went to dinner and then had
a lesson with the Benson Ward Priests. Best lesson I think we have
ever taught. They're practicing to teach the restoration to a family
in the ward and asked us to teach them the restoration. Lesson went
really well and I felt like I was teaching as a young Priest. Really
been working at teaching the lessons better and I'm really getting
there. I feel a lot more comfortable than I did before.

Thursday: Service at Barney's... When we first got there, there was a
friend of the Barney's there who is known as the Greyhound lady who
gave me a Greyhound tie. After talking with her we helped Brother
Barney get his golf cart started and it finally started! After Service
we went and checked on some referrals we got. Through that we got a
new investigator:) Her name is Toni, she is older. Her son is a recent
convert in Gilbert and referred us to her to give her a blessing. She
is suffering from cancer and wanted a blessing. Offered to start
teaching the discussions and she said YES! Went over to Darlenes after
that and kinda taught the Restoration... She loves to talk.

Friday: Weekly planning today... After weekly planning we helped
Brother Kitelinger our investigator move a refrigerator. After helping
him we talked to him about taking the lessons for real... And sadly he
said no... He appreciates us coming over to give little messages to
his family but religion isn't something he is really interested in.
That kinda sucked... But hey, I'm sure we will start teaching him
eventually... Had a lesson with Kristina tonight that went really
well... Talked about marriage and how important it was. They're living
together... That's why they should get married... But we are not going
to force them all we can do is pray.

Saturday: This morning we started out our day going to sister Baughns
Funeral Service. It was kinda depressing to have all the grandkids go
up and tell stories about her while bawling their eyes out. You
couldn't really even understand what they were saying... A lot of her
grandkids didn't really understand the Plan of Salvation sadly:/ After
the funeral we finally made it to the Sigleys house after like 2
months. They had a baby so it is kinda understandable... While we were
there we were asked to stand in the circle for the baby blessing:) We
then went to Meredith's and talked to her about the addiction recovery
program. We feel like we helped her out pretty well... Hopefully.

Sunday: Typical Sunday in the Benson Ward & Butterfield Ward church.
Spent 6 hours in that... Testimony meeting was pretty good, in
Butterfield Ward me and Elder Rasmussen had the opportunity to
participate in a baby blessing. That was a pretty cool experience. No
investigators at church today which was a bummer. Kristina was really
sick and nobody else made it... After church we took picture of the
Pierce and Sigley family, the one with the baby. Also at church we got
asked to confirm two of their kids :) that will be cool:) they're 8
but we still get to do it:)

 Is the gospel an inconvenience or a blessing?? I remember when I was
growing up thinking that the gospel was an inconvenience... I told
myself I wanted the blessings of the Gospel but I didn't want to work
so hard to have them. How many of us do you think of the commandments
as restrictions that keep us from having fun instead of protecting us.
I'd like to testify to you that I know that I know that this gospel is
not an inconvenience at all and only a blessing. Yes sometimes living
the gospel can be hard... There might not be things you"agree with"
personally. These are minor issues that should not stand in our way of
being happy and returning with our Heavenly Father. James 1:5 say "If
any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men
liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him." If any of
you "lack wisdom", ask God... Ask Him if the gospel is an
inconvenience or a blessing and I can promise you he will answer your
prayer. I know this is the true church and I am so proud to be a
member of it. I know this Gospel is a blessing. Even though I might
not always like what Heavenly Father has commandment me to do... I
know I will be blessed through my obedience. I love you all! Thanks
for all the prayers and love you show!


Elder Smith

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