Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Week 42

AREA: Central Tucson 
COMPANION: Elder Kapele  

Dear family and friends,

Monday: P-day was pretty good, this morning we had our carpets cleaned
because they were so filthy. Did all our shopping and everything and
then hung out at the church with all the other missionaries. The rest
of the night we tried to get stuff done but wasn't very successful.

Tuesday: This morning we did service for a potential investigator. She
had a few things that she needed moved into her place and a member was
able to help us with that as well. We have an appointment with her
next Wednesday to teach the restoration. Went to the Foodbank to
volunteer and then had a lesson with a less active and her non member
boyfriend. Taught the restoration to him and invited him to read the
Book of Mormon. Really liked the restoration and was excited to read
the Book of Mormon. Thing that is difficult is that he lives in
Connecticut and only comes down to Tucson every few weeks. We had no
idea what we were going to do tonight because our plans fell through
so we got on our knees and said a prayer for us to find something
constructive to do. We felt prompted to call a potential investigator
and ask if we could come over and he said yes. Had a very good gospel
discussion and he invited us back. I know that without that prayer we
would have not even thought of calling Carlos.

Wednesday: Zone conference today which went really well and I really
got a lot out of it. Really tried my hardest to stay focused, take
notes, so I can apply it into my teaching. After the conference we had
a lesson with Lee which went well. A member came with us and was able
to add in a few things. Been really stressed lately trying to find
people to teach and so I somehow developed 3 canker sores that have
not been helpful. Keep pushing forward though with a a smile... :)

Thursday: This morning we went to the Foodbank again and had a blast.
Had a really good gospel conversation with Travis one of the workers.
Had dinner with Brother Burke tonight and his family. He is awesome!
And tell the best stories ever. Brother Burke served his mission in
South Carolina and had so many amazing experience. He knows the bible
so good and it's crazy. Using the bible he determined the exact year
the restoration of the gospel would happen! Blew my mind! After dinner
once again we didn't know what to do so we said another prayer and
went through the ward directory trying to find some less actives to go
visit. We accidentally picked a member of the bishopric and decided
even though he is active I felt that the name was inspired so we
stopped by anyway and had a very good discussion on the area
initiative that our mission is trying to implement and is having a
hard time doing so... After explaining it he really loved it and is
going to do what he can to get it rolling.

Friday: Really good weekly planning session today. Really hard to
focus and stay motivated about staying in the apartment all day
planning for the week in a way you know what is going to happen and
nothing you plan actually happens. This week we tried really hard to
stay focused, call and set appointments, have the lesson topic picked,
figure out who is coming, etc. hopefully none of our plans cancel and
it will be exactly how we planned it. Chances are that won't happen
though sadly. For dinner some members brought us to this Chicago
Styled Pizza place and it was not bad for being in Tucson. Not as good
as the real thing though.

Saturday: This morning we helped clean the church building which was
alright... Really unorganized which was stressful. After doing our
normal routine and everything we went out looking for less actives and
had some success. We also went to stop by some previous investigators,
while doing that we did some street contacting and gave out two Book
of Mormons. Neither of the people lived in our area sadly but hey,
we're still fulfilling out purpose.

Sunday: Had a really good Sunday. Bore my testimony about the light of
Christ. Had that huge urge to go up and doing it and it felt nice to
follow that prompting. One of our potential investigators was at
church. After church we did all our studies and then went on the
search for less actives again. Had some success finding people which
was nice.
Visited with an older brother that joined the church in the 80's and I
don't know if he has been to church since. Had a good conversation
with him about the gospel and invited him to meet with the bishop. Had
dinner with the stake president tonight which was cool. He gave us
these coins that he had custom made for our mission. Super cool.

This week while I was doing my personal study I came across a
scripture in Mosiah 16:9

9 He is the light and the life of the world; yea, a light that is
endless, that can never be darkened; yea, and also a life which is
endless, that there can be no more death.

If you look in the Topical Guide, Light is referring to Jesus Christ
and how He is the light of the world.  If we allow the light of Christ
into our mind and heart at all times, we will be blessed in so many
ways. Being that the light can never be darkened means that "where
there is light, darkness must depart", quote by Elder Richard J.
Maynes. If we strive to Endure to the end by living up to our
baptismal covenants, we will be able to stand up to the darkness or
Satan. I promise that as you strengthen your faith in Jesus Christ and
Endure to the End, you will be happier than you can even comprehend.

Love you all!! Have a great week!


Elder Smith

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