Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Week 45

AREA: Central Tucson 
COMPANION: Elder Kapele 

Monday: pretty fun Pday... This morning we got all of our big stuff
done by 7:30 so we just kinda hung around until we went to 4th ave to
walk around. It's a street with a bunch of little shops on it. While
we were in one of the stores a big 7'3 guy walks up to us and asked us
if we were Mormon missionaries. Conveniently we were so we talked with
him, he has been less active since he was 12 and his dad kicked him
out and wants to get back in contact with the church.

Tuesday: Had Foodbank this after noon and had a blast. Beat the record
of boxes made which was 1200. Now someone has to beat the record and
make 1303 boxes:) After Foodbank we went to Costa Vida which is almost
the same as cafe rio and then we had a lesson with Sister Cherry and
her Fiancé David. Lesson went well, wasn't planning on David being
there so we taught the plan of salvation. Had dinner with Travis from
the Foodbank which was fun. Watched some of the south elders
investigators kids while they were in a lesson. Roy helped us out so
it was all good, showed some of the children bible videos which went
really well.

Wednesday: Had district meeting today which was good and then went to
a Sanoran dog stand with the district. Had a lesson with Carrie Hudson
which went well, and then went to Roy's to help prepare dinner and
stuff. Roy also bought us some fish tonight:) they're awesome:)

Thursday: Went to the food bank this morning and boxed some food. Had
a lesson with the Tafoya family and it was great:) they are a part
member family who wants to start coming to church. The wife and 9 year
old son are not members. We taught the restoration and they both
accepted a baptismal date for the 23rd:) super exciting:) we then had
a lesson with Carlos and had a very good discussion on the Book of
Mormon. Really gave him some things to think about regarding it.

Friday: CRAZY DAY... This morning was great, did all our weekly
planning stuff and had lesson in the evening. The lesson was with
another part member family, a mom and daughter who is 12. Get to their
house and she immediately starts cussing us out... Haven't heard that
bad of language in awhile. The situation is complicated but she was
just angry at the church, not necessarily us. Went from that to her
inviting us in her home to teach a lesson. Lesson was ehh... She loves
to talk. New investigator... We will see how things go with that. P.s.
She has cancer, bipolar disorder, and a bunch of anger issues that she
is currently getting help for.

Saturday: Crazy day again... This morning we cleaned a family in the
wards neighbors place which was pretty gross. The neighbor was a heavy
smoker and smoked in his house so we spent most of the time cleaning
the walls with a mop. After cleaning they bought a bunch of pizza and
then we went home. On the way home we gave some of the leftover pizza
they gave us to a homeless man sleeping on the street. Went to U-swirl
with Travis and then contacted a referral which went well. It was
super windy and part of their fence blew down so we helped out with
that and then they told us to come by again later. They're a super big
family so that's exciting :) went to Joes for alittle, went to a block
party in Jason's neighborhood, and then went to go drop off some food
at that part member families house and got cussed out again... Found
something else to be mad about... 20 min later thanked us for the food
and apologized for screaming at us.

Sunday: Pretty good Sunday... The Tafoya family made it to church, we
taught the youth,  and we had a pretty good end of the day. Visited
the Williams and their new baby:) Roy made us dinner and had some fun.

 This week something that I really had to put to work was love &
charity. As you know from reading Friday and Saturday me and kapele
got cussed out for no reason at all. Yet we still listened to what she
said, invited her, and help her in any way we could. Through these
experiences on Friday and Saturday. Tyna really learned to know that
we care for her and want to help her. She trusts that we know what she
needs to do to get back on the right path. We would have never been
able to earn that trust if we didn't talk with her and show love for
her and her daughter.
  1. As I have loved you,
Love one another.
This new commandment:
Love one another.
By this shall men know
Ye are my disciples,
If ye have love
One to another.

Love you all!! Have a great week!


Elder Smith

Forgot to mention this, elder kapele is getting transferred to silver
city and I'm getting an elder cox. Should be great!

Kapele saying goodbye to the Williams

Isaiah Williams. Lee and Amber's baby.

Roy bought us fish

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