Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Week 48

AREA: Central Tucson 

Family and Friends,
Monday: Pretty typical pday... Didn't do a whole lot. Just did normal stuff.

Tuesday: today was alright... Had Foodbank which was fun, had a lesson
with Olivia which could have gone better. Had a lesson with the
Tafoya's. Finished all the lessons with them, one more visit before
they're baptized. Finished the day off teaching Tyna and Hannah which
was crazy as usual. She has gotten a lot better than the first time I
visited with her.

Wednesday: District meeting today, went well. Hung up some quote
posters and pictures on the wall in our apartment. Our apartment looks
sick now haha. We saw Mike today and spent most of the time talking
with him about life. He served in the Navy for about 7 years and told
us some of his war experiences. Some of them were really crazy.

Thursday: Had a doctor appointment in the morning which went well. Had
a lesson with Olivia but when we got to their house she was asleep...
Ended up just teaching her mom about faith. Had dinner with Tyna and
Hannah tonight and it went really well. She is getting a lot better
with her cussing, only cussed about 3 times. Cooked us a fantastic
meal. Had our final appointment with the Tafoya's after that which
went really well! Everything for the baptism is all planned and ready
to go. They just need to show up now:)  Final appointment of the night
was with Carlos which was awesome:) brought a member that before he
joined the church was about to go to school to be a baptist preacher.
He was converted while trying to prove the church wrong haha lesson
went well, left Carlos with questions I feel like.

Friday: Weekly planning day, didn't get all of it done but close. Went
on splits with the assistants to the president elder Elton. Ended up
spending the whole time trying to figure out the programs for the
baptism tomorrow. We did teach on lesson on addiction recover to a
recent convert who is trying to give up smoking again. Went really

Saturday: Happy baptism day! This morning we had the opportunity to
witness the baptism of Ammon and Silvia Tafoya:) The baptism was so
great! Couldn't have gone any better:) After the baptism both Silvia
and Ammon went up and bore their testimony. Never have I heard a more
powerful testimony from a 9 year old kid:) It was unique and special
and I know he meant what he said. After the baptism we had interviews
with the president which was really good. Ended the night with a
district blitz which was fun. Helped a companionship find two new
investigators:) that was exciting.

Sunday: Pretty good Sunday. Ammon and Silvia were confirmed and we got
to perform the confirmations. I did Silvia and Cox did Ammon.
Performing an ordinance it's an amazing experience:) Tyna and Hannah
made it to church today! They almost didn't because the person who was
supposed to pick them up forgot. He had to rush over their right
before sacrament meeting. They got to church though and had a great
time. Finished weekly planning today, ready for the week.

Spiritual thought:

Psalms 20:7

7 Some trust in chariots, and some in horses: but we will remember the
name of the Lord our God.

What this scripture is talking about and inviting us to not focus  on
worldly things. Remember the importance of remember what's really

Love you all!! Have a great week!


Elder Smith

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