Friday, July 8, 2016

Week 46

AREA: Central Tucson 

Monday: Typical pday other than the fact that Elder Kapele had to
pack. Other than that.. Sports, shopping, emailing, and Roy's. Also
said goodbye to a few families in the area.

Tuesday: Said goodbye to kapele today:'( gunna miss him. Left for
silver city. Waited for Elder Cox to get here and while waiting went
to Foodbank and helped other missionaries unload their stuff into
apartments. Met Elder Cox and he's pretty cool, have a lot of things
in common with the type of work we want to go into. So far getting
along well. Had a lesson with the Tafoyas and it went well.

Wednesday: Meetings today, met all the new people that came into the
zone. Didn't do a whole lot of things today, a lot of the plans
canceled. For backup plans we saw nach(less active) and Joe(recent

Thursday: Tracting today... Still not a huge fan of it. Saw a few
members and then had a lesson with the Tafoya's on the plan of
Salvation and it went great:) They are such a great family.

Friday: Weekly planning day. Who knew you could find a companion that
likes to weekly plan?? Haha spent a lot of time doing that, got what
we could done before going to visit the temple site to plan for a
lesson we are going to be having next week with the Tafoya's. We're
bringing them up to the temple site. Roy brought us up there then
dragged us around to a bunch of other places. Got home and did some
more weekly planning. Still didn't finish though.

Saturday: Had a lesson with Tafoyas this morning and taught the Gospel
of Jesus Christ. Lesson went really well. During the lesson Ammon the
9 year old made up an awesome analogy for sin which I will share
later. We then went home and planned pretty much the rest of the day
until dinner. Met with bishop today to introduce Elder Cox.

Sunday: happy sabbath, church went really well. Before church we had a
short lesson on the sacrament with the tofoya's. Really helped them to
understand the importance of it. Also talked with them about moving
their baptismal date up a week so Brother Tofoya's mom can be in town
to witness it. They were excited to hear they had the option and
decided to go with it. Church was good, Lee's baby was blessed and We
got to stand in the circle. After church we went and saw some less
actives and even found a new investigator.

So the analogy Ammon jr. Came up with was about sin. How sin is like
eating some really good food, but then getting food poisoning. Except
if we were to know before eating the food we were getting to get food
poisoning. The devil tricks us sometimes into thinking that sin won't
have a punishment, and sometimes when we sin we enjoy it temporarily
but end up regretting it. I want to invite you all to be conscious of
that and watching it for the food poisoning. Sinning might be "fun"
while you're sining, but there is always some type of a negative
affect from doing it. Love you All!! Have a great WEEK!! Happy 4th of


Elder Smith

Temple site again

Saying bye to Kapele. He went over to silver city.

Travis and us at u-swirl

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