Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Week 52

AREA: Central Tucson 
COMPANION: Elder Esplin
Monday: Cleaned Roy's fish tank, packed, and picked up some new
missionaries at the mission home and then they spent the night at our
house. One of the missionaries was from Minnesota. He wasn't in the
same stake as me though.

Tuesday: Crazy day... Said goodbye to my trainer Elder Young, and 3rd
companion Elder Rasmussen who were going home. I also met the new
missionary that I am training. His name is Elder Esplin and he is from
South Jordan, Utah. Fresh out of highschool, quiet, and really smart.

Wednesday: Zone meeting today... Went to Hannah and Tyna's for
Hannah's final lesson. She isn't in my area anymore but I wanted to be
there for her last lesson before she got baptized. We also spent a lot
of time cleaning the apartment because previous missionaries that
lived there don't know how to clean and have different expectations of
what is clean than what I do.
P.s. Thanks Mom.

Thursday: Had Foodbank, out to lunch, and Elder Cox and I scared our
new missionaries. A member in our ward does this thing called "a shot
of faith". He puts out a shot glass for the new guys, fills it with a
brown liquid(coke), and tells them to take a shot of faith. Tells them
to trust him when he says it will not harm you in any way. The guy is
a big buff guy from Southern California, he can be kinda intimidating.
Super funny when they found out that it was all a joke and set up. Had
a really good lesson from it though that really brought in the spirit

Friday: Spent a lot of time weekly planning, giving a blessing to a
very old woman at the hospital that was about to die, and helped
someone move.

Saturday: Hannah got baptized today:) Had the opportunity to baptize
her as well. Really proud of her decision to be baptized. She was very
happy and nervous at the same time.  Her mom was super happy for her
as well, Tyna was crying and telling us thank you and telling Hannah
that she was proud of her. Super special day:) rest of the day we
spent weekly planning and we helped another member move.

Sunday: Hannah was confirmed and Elder Cox did it:) Super fun day as
well:) Tyna brought a friend to church that was being rude to Tyna and
made her feel uncomfortable in church. She had a panic attack so she
left the chapel. Elder Cox and I followed her, talked with her, walked
around the church, and then gave her a blessing of comfort. Went
really well and I think it helped her a lot. After church we went and
scheduled some appointments with some less active/recent converts.
While at one of their complexes we found a new investigator. His name
is Michael and he is a refugee from Africa.

The experience that Elder Cox and I had with Tyna on Sunday was pretty
powerful. One of the big reasons that she was having a panic attack
was because of something she said that she felt guilty about saying.
She told us that never before in her life had she said anything like
that and she said it in a church. While we were walking around the
church talking with her about it with her I opened up my iPad and
scrolled through some scriptures and found what I feel was exactly
what she needed to hear. It was Ether 12:27 from the Book of Mormon.

And if men come unto me I will show unto them their weakness. I give
unto men weakness that they may be humble; and my grace is sufficient
for all men that humble themselves before me; for if they humble
themselves before me, and have faith in me, then will I make weak
things become strong unto them.

After reading this scripture to her I noticed that she was comforted,
knowing that she has a Savior that loves her and wants to help her. I
know that our savior loves all of us and suffered for all of us. If we
humble ourselves before him I know that through His Grace, we can have
"weak things become strong."

Love you all! Hope you had a great week and are learning new things daily:)


Elder Smith
Good picture of us all. ( Elder Cox, Hannah, Tyna(Tina), and me)

Tyna being rude to the camera guy haha super funny though.

Me and My Son Elder Esplin:)

Goodbye Elder Rasmussen


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