Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Week 79

AREA: TucsonMidvale
COMPANION: Elder Bradfield

Family & Friends,

Monday: Not too bad. This morning we got started on our laundry pretty
quick instead of going down to sports in Sahuarita.  After getting
laundry and shopping done we went over to the library for a little
before driving out to East Tucson for sports out there. Elder
Bradfield is a pretty big fan of sports so we try to make it out to
some type of sports. After sports we had dinner and then went home for
the night. The family we had for dinner made some super good chicken
though, its called Captain Crunch Chicken... breaded with captain
crunch cereal and cornflakes. Super good!

Tuesday: First thing we did this morning was start our exchange. I was
with Elder Phillips which went well. We had foodbank which is always
pretty fun. He wanted to go to Wendy's for lunch because he had some
of those free frosty coupons so we went there. After lunch we had our
usual Tuesday at 3 appointment with Sister Cole which was very
enjoyable as usual. We have started reading the Doctrine of Covenants
with her. Had some appointments after her which unfortunately all
canceled. Found out while driving around that our tiwi is not working.
We should probably tell the vehicle coordinator but I dont want to
haha tiwi is the little box in the corner of our windshield that tells
us to slow down. I like to call it "mom" haha. Love ya;) haha We were
able to contact a few people briefly which was nice before heading in
for the night.

Wednesday: This mornings as pretty good. I had to prepare a district
meeting on "answering the questions of the soul through the Book of
Mormon." I felt like it went okay, I was a little anxious because we
were super late. I'm sure I could have done better on my part to be on
time... but at the same time when someone you are giving a ride is 30
minutes late to your meet up spot, it can be challenging. After
district meeting we went to a little taco stand which was pretty good.
Had a yummy carne Asada burrito & a Sonoran Hot Dog. Very good food
for sure. Elder Bradfield had some allergic reaction to something
while on exchanges and wasn't feeling good at all so we took a rain
check on our lessons, stayed inside, I did some studies while he
napped. This went on pretty much the rest of the night...

Thursday: Wasn't that much of an eventful day. Had foodbank which
went well. After that we rushed over to the dry cleaners so I could
drop off one of my suites that was starting to stink pretty bad. Went
home to change so we could head over to Brother Collingwood's for
lunch. Went out and visited some of the members that he had on his
list which went well. We were able to contact some people that
probably had not been visited in a very long time. Some people we went
to visit had also moved since they were last visited. After going out
to visit with people we had dinner at Tyna's which was great as usual.
She was super kind and gave me a gift which is a dream catcher that
was blessed by some Cherokee Shaman(medicine man)  awhile back. Since
she was giving me that, I thought I would give her my dream catcher,
which I have been carrying around with me since 2nd grade. After their
place, since Elder Bradfield wasn't feeling too well still, we went
home so he could rest.

Friday: This morning Elder Bradfield still wasn't feeling well so he
slept in while I read my book. Finally felt like it was time I should
get up and start getting ready. After getting ready we did studies
before starting our weekly planning. After doing some weekly planning
we had interviews with President Passey which was great. We then had
dinner with the Deckers which was fantastic. Sister Deckers oldest son
was there and during our dinner message he looked to have gotten
emotional. He once before had said that he was not a very spiritual
guy and thats why church wasn't for him. The spirit was what made him
get a little emotional which was really cool to see, especially
because we were talking about family. Elder Bradfield is still not
feeling well so we came back to the apartment so he could rest and
take it easy. Also, I accomplished one of the coolest things ever, I
was able to turn the lights on with my farts. (We have a clapper) I
now realize I can do anything I put my mind too. HAHAHA

Saturday: Started out the morning with doing service at Brother
Freeman's. They had some more water damage from awhile back that
needed to be repaired. I guess that is what happens when you put your
own roof on when you dont necessarily know what your doing. Anyway,
after doing that we went over to a less active YSA brother's place to
give him a blessing. He has been wanting to come back to church
recently and just started meeting with the Sister's in the YSA ward to
help him get back into activity. After his place we went home for
lunch till we left to go to a baptism for a guy who is AWESOME!
Literally in the past year he has been meeting with the missionaries
he has made so many changes in his life. Super powerful baptism:) His
step son baptized him which was super cool too:) He also baptized his
mom. After the baptism we headed back to the apartment for a lesson
with Crystal which went great! She is so solid! I love teaching her so

Sunday: Church was great! Crystal drove herself to church today
instead of getting a ride to church. After the first hour of church we
headed over to Brother Collingwood's for Blunch before heading out to
Sells for Sacrament meeting there. After church there we headed home
and on the way home stopped by Faith's place and visited for her for a
little bit. Tried to figure out why they might not be coming to
church. Most of it seems to be the lack of desire to come to 9:00
church... and also the lack of energy because Sister Williams has
cancer. The rest of the evening we spent at dinner and bishops house.

This week for my little spiritual thought I would love to talk about
striving to be grateful for every situation we are  in. This week as I
was reading in 1 Nephi and how after Lehi was told to leave Jerusalem
and go into the wilderness. While reading and looking at how Laman and
Lemuel were complaining about everything. Even after having miracles
happen they would repent and then immediately go back to murmuring.
Because of their murmuring they were sent to wonder in the wilderness
for 8 years!! Something I also thought was interesting is that we also
wait till we are 8 years old before we are baptized. In those 8 years
we prepare to be ready to make a covenant with God. Just like they
were traveling in the wilderness being prepared to build a boat and
travel to the promised land. We all need to be trying to be grateful
for the experiences we have and not complain about everything. Be like
Nephi and trust that God has a plan for us.

Love you all!!


Elder Smith

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