Friday, April 28, 2017

Week 80

AREA: TucsonMidvale
COMPANION: Elder Bradfield

Friends & Family,

Monday--- Hightlights of today was that it was pday and that we found
a new investigator! His name is Mark and it was while we were
finishing up some drying at the Laundry Matte after dinner because we
didnt get to finish drying them before dinner. Spent about an hour
talking with him while Elder Bradfield talked with his friend. We got
both of their information and Mark lives in our area! We are actually
going over in about 2 weeks to help him with some yard work.

Tuesday---Had foodbank which was great as usual, had a lesson cancel
with Faith unfortunately, had ward mission meeting, and had a
fantastic lesson with Crystal. We went in prepared to finish up on the
Gospel of Jesus Christ till Brother Collingwood asked about her
thoughts on the first vision and she had no idea what he was talking
about. Remembered that the first few times we met with her she wasn't
sober and doesnt remember a whole lot. Now that she is sober though!
We taught the Restoration and it was very powerful! It started to come
back a little after a little bit. After our lesson with her we got
news that our zone leaders were changing the goal with our zone focus.
Our focus was to contact a total of 460 people and ask for referrals
in a transfer (6 weeks) and as of right now we only have around 160
asks as a zone. My district has 106 of those invites! Its pretty
ridiculous in my opinion that they are not trying very hard. They
decided to change it to 360 and I didnt really like that because that
was not our original inspired goal. By doing that youre accepting
defeat and I'm not about that. I will be talking with the district
about how we can accomplish the original goal of 460 even if we have
to do it all by ourselves.

Wednesday---Today was fantastic! We had district meeting and the topic
was "how to help others recognize the spirit." The training I felt
went really well and I enjoyed giving the training very much. After
district meeting we had a nice little lunch afterward and Elder
Bradfield made bread for everyone that was super good! He also made
some peaches with sugar & cinnamon on them. Had the opportunity to
interview someone for baptism which was a great experience once again.
We then visited with Sister Cole and her friend Kelly which was nice.
Had dinner at the Lujan's who are super far in the middle of nowhere
off the grid. Dinner was great and it was nice to spend some time with
them. After that we had a lesson with a less active named Patty and
some of her friends who were also members. Super sad that theyre going
through as much as they are with fighting disease and everything. With
our zone focus we did really great today! We didnt have a lot of time
to contact people to even have the chance to ask for referrals but we
still tried our best. We even contacted the security guy at our
complex and asked him if he knew anyone that needed service or would
appreciate a Gospel message! Also started an exchange with the
Valencia Elders, I was with Elder Clark.

Thursday--- Today was sooo sick! This morning we had foodbank as usual
and then spent the rest of the day pretty much with Brother
Collingwood contacting people on some crazy bumpy roads. Had some
great visits and great opportunities to ask for some referrals. Had
someone tell us to go and visit one of their neighbors and she wasn't
even a member! That was super awesome:) today our district hit a total
of 29 asks! Super awesome how our combined efforts have made such a
difference. Elder Clark is a super cool missionary and we had a great
time together.

Friday---Weekly planning day today was pretty good. We tried to get as
much as we could done before we had to go to our lesson with Kim. She
has not been feeling very well lately. She has  pneumonia luckily it
is not contagious though so she at least getting somewhat better.
After her place instead of going home and finishing weekly planning we
went and contacted a bunch of people. We actually got to see a bunch
of people which was great. We met with this guy who was a WW2,
Vietnam, and Korean War veteran. He was only 86 so that means that he
joined the military when he was 16! After his place we went right to
dinner with Henry which was awesome! Especially since it has been so
long. When we are dinner I ran into some members from my first area
which was awesome! They even payed the bill! The rest of the night we
spent planning for the rest of the night.

Saturday: This morning we went over to the church to help clean it. We
ended up getting there and there were so many people there we didnt
have much to do. While I was at the church I dropped my ipad and my
screen completely shuddered... Its pretty bad. I had a member help me
order a new screen though so I should have it fixed pretty soon. We
then drove out to Sells to help a sister patch some holes on her house
because some wood peckers ate holes into it. We then left there and
went to Bob Lusks who is a member in the ward. He seems to be doing
pretty good and jammed out on his guitar a little bit for us. We then
rushed over to dinner with Henry again at this amazing Mexican
restaurant and then our lesson with Crystal which Henry came too and
it was awesome! They really got along will.

Sunday: Super great Sunday! We had 3 investigators at church! Super
exciting! It was Faith, Michael, and Crystal. The sister who normally
teaches Gospel Principles was sick unfortunately so I ended up
teaching the class which I felt went really well. The class was very
involved and gave very good comments. After church we went home for
studies and did that for awhile before leaving for dinner. Tried to
visit a few people but they weren't home either. Then we drove over to
the bishops for dessert and a lesson. Very good time :) While there I
also did my 18 month burning of my pants. P.s. Mom... I need new
pants. Something happened to one of my gray ones.

Today I would like to share something I thought of this week about the
Gift of the Holy Ghost vs feeling the Holy Ghost. When someone has the
Gift of the Holy Ghost, it is more special. Through an analogy I
thought of helped make a lot more sense on the subject. The Gift of
the Holy Ghost is like a fire within us. One that goes out when we
don't do things like read our scriptures everyday, pray daily, go to
church, partake of the sacrament, keep the commandments, always
remember our Savior, etc. All of these things build our internal fires
which when we are out and about, people who don't have that gift can
feel that warmth you bring. The warmth those who feel it radiating
from others will not continue to feel that if they dont somehow
partake of the warmth from other places that have that internal fire
as well. The warmth I feel with having the Gift of the Holy Ghost and
how I know when I strive to live worthy of it I will be happier is
something I would never give up. I promise that the Gift of the Holy
Ghost is something we should never take for granted and if we don't
hold this gift now to strive to obtain it. I love you all!! Have a
great night!! Thanks for all the birthday wishes and sorry I am
sending this so late... it was a busy day of doing things with the
zone which I will talk about next week.


Elder Smith

Birthday dinner with some sisters from the ward


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