Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Week 11

AREA: Northwest Zone, Tucson (Catalina, AZ)
COMPANION: Elder Young

Sunday 10/25: Today was a long day... We started off the day with
breakfast, studies, and after that it went crazy. It was the primary
program today and we had a ton of investigators there. I believer a
total of 6 or more. There were also alot of non-members there as well
which was really cool. After the cute little kids sang their little
hearts out we talked some more and then had the opportunity to give a
blessing to someone. After the blessing we sat down and talked to her
for awhile. She has had a very difficult life and I am glad that we
were able to help her out.

I am so sorry everyone but I honestly cannot remember what we did this
week. Normally I would look at my journal and go day by day but I was
so busy I didnt have the chance to write in it. I will roughly cover
my week in a short paragraph.

This week we had some crazy experiences. We taught the plan of
salvation to our investigator Crystal. She is the one that was scared
to have us over because she kinda has some social anxiety and was
scared to meet with us at first. But we helped teach the plan of
salvation with the sister missionaries and it was amazing! The look on
her face and how it made sense to her was powerful not just to her but
to me. She has grown up all her life thinking it was womens fault for
everything wrong happening because Eve partook of the fruit first. Not
as something that was necessary to be done in order for us to be born.
Plus that there is only a heaven and a hell... Thats pretty sad as

We also got to teach Martha again and let me tell you... she is one
weird lady. When someone tells you that they believe the church is
true and that she knows that this is the restored gospel but refuses
to get baptized and come to church doesnt make any sense to me... I
mean this lady after we were teaching the plan of salvation we asked
her to be baptized and she said I was already baptized and if my
baptism wasnt valid then I guess you can come visit me in the middle
kingdom... Messed up but were going to keep trying to teach her and
bring members over to help her out. She is an awesome lady... She just
doesnt want to change.

Otuafis are doing great. We didnt get to go see them very much this
week because Elder Young has been not feeling very well lately... most
likely because of allergies but we havnt been going over as often as
we used to to go lift and stuff. He is feeling better and we will be
going back to lifting this week.

Had a lesson on the Gospel of Jesus Christ with a less active family
the Bartons. Just a husband and wife who are kinda older. The lesson
was fantastic and I feel it was the spirit that taught the lesson and
not actually us which was a really cool experience. Since being in the
Catlina Ward I have not once seen them at church. They always have
some crazy story of why they werent at church... I believe them
somewhat but still... Church is important to be at. They came this
Sunday!! super awesome.

Halloween was pretty great. That was the day we taught the Bartons.
Earlier in the day we just did normal missionary stuff... nothing
really amazing happened. After the lesson we went directly to the
Cherrington's house for dinner. Dinner was awesome and we ended up
staying there for the rest of the night before having to go home. We
had to be in before the sun went down which in Arizona is about
6:15ish... So we just chilled at there house and passed out some candy
to all the little kids.

Sunday Aimee came!! she was a potential investigator that lives with
the Barnes and finally came to church with one of her boys. Super
awesome and hopefully we will get to teach her the lessons soon:)

This week we have been giving a lesson from the Book of Mormon. We
read a couple scriptures from Alma 38:6-7 which talks about how
important the small and simple things are in order to reach something
as big as Salvation. Before my mission when I was in highschool... The
small and simple things were not my highest priority... I never read
my scriptures, I went to church but never really paid attention, went
to seminary but never really got alot out of it... Sorry Sister Larson
and Brother Doolie haha I loved getting to know you but seminary can
be challenging..., but you get what I mean. If I had done the small
and simple things I would have been way farther with my conversion to
this gospel. It wasnt till college when I recognized the importance of
the small things. Think of the small and simple things as legos...
each lego is one of those small and simple things. If you just have
one lego piece... its not going to do you much good and its going to
not be anything to great... But if you have a bunch of lego pieces, it
becomes something huge, complex, ridiculously insanely awesome... I
mean go to lego land. Just like the legos... the small and simple
things build up and become something as great as Salvation.
Everyone... I know that if you follow these teachings. Your life will
be blessed and you will have a greater understanding of the gospel.
And if you dont follow them... you will have a hard time gaining a
stronger testimony.

Love you all,

Elder Smith

Carving pumpkins with Elder Young.

$Young$ album cover.

Beautiful Tucson sky

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