Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Week 12

AREA: Northwest Zone, Tucson (Catalina, AZ)
COMPANION: Elder Young

Hello Everyone,

This past week had its up and downs but it was still a pretty good week.

Tuesday we had the opportunity and talk with Doris a recent convert in
the ward about possibly going to the temple and doing baptisms for the
dead. She would love to but she tells us that she can't because she
can't pay her tithing. She is currently in a bunch of debt and cant
afford to. We as missionaries tried to relate with her as much as we
could but tried to bare testimony of the importance of tithing. She
agreed with us and told us she would pray about what to do.... We did
later go back and she completely forgot about the conversation we had
which was funny but then we got to have the discussion again alittle.
haha After helping her out we trimmed some bushes for a lady who was
in her 90s. I love old people:) She was soo thankful for the help we
had done for her and it really made me happy inside that we could help
her out:)

Wednesday was my first zone conference where they talked about a bunch
of different topics having to do with being a better missionary. Super
long, boring, etc... But I did learn some stuff that I feel has
already been affecting my work.

Once again we were able to serve at the food bank where we helped
people load boxes of donated food to their car. It is really simple to
carry a box to a car but a lot of the people are still very
appreciative of the service done for them which puts a smile on my
face when I tell them to have a great day. The people that roll there
eyes and act like its no big deal theyre getting a free box of food...
I tell them to have a great day and smirk a smile in kinda haha Kinda
annoying but the nice people make it worth my time.

Saturday was awesome! We got a call this morning to go to the hospital
and give a blessing to a sister who was in the Hospital. She was in
the hospital because she is kinda crazy... Like shes in there and it
might not be a bad idea to stay in there for alittle kind of crazy...
But it was so amazing to feel the spirit as we gave her a blessing.
Later that day after the blessing we taught a less active family about
the commandments. Super awesome lesson and the spirit was super
strong. After our lesson was dinner with the Caspers. Super cool
because the members took a picture of us and texted my mom the
picture. My mom didnt get to respond before we left but I'm sure it
consisted of saying "I love you" love you too:) haha During dinner we
got a surprise call from Dax one of our newer investigators. He said
he would like us to come over after dinner for a lesson. After dinner
we gave him the most amazing lesson ever. This guy knows the gospel
already and he hasnt even studied it. He knows nothing about mormons
but basically told us the story of lehis dream of the tree of life.
Crazy experience and we hope to meet with him soon.

We did not have regular church this sunday. It was a stake conference
broadcast thing which was really awesome. After church we ate lunch
and did some work. After that we had dinner and then tried to go visit
some less active families. Since it gets dark at 5:30 here people
would answer the door in their pj's and say that they were in bed?? So
lame but whatever props for trying right.

This email I want to talk about Christ's love for us. Throughout my
day, I see a lot of different people. Skinny, fat, tall, short, ugly,
gorgeous, scary looking, etc... In Mosiah 3:19 it talks about how the
natural man is an enemy to God. When I see people that look a little
different than me the first thought that comes to my head is from the
natural man... After have that though... you know say a quick prayer
and repent haha. Then I think of something pretty awesome. Christ
loves them, just as much as he loves me. It's crazy to think the love
Christ has for us. Enough to suffer for all our sins... He didnt do
that for just a few people... The people that seem to have no problems
or anything. Being a missionary I am a representative of Jesus Christ
and if I didnt put an effort to try and love everyone I wouldnt be
doing such a great job of doing that. I guess my point of this all is
Love thy neighbor. Just because theyre not you doesnt make them any
less different in the eyes of God. I love you all very much and I hope
you all have a great week.


Elder Smith

When you're expecting a package from mom but you weren't there to sign for it so you don't get it.......

Zone picture

Zone picture

My Halloween package came!

Gave another prayer rock away! This is Manny Otuafi, he just turned 12 and is about to be a deacon! Awesome!

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