Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Week 13

AREA: Northwest Zone, Tucson (Catalina, AZ)
COMPANION: Elder Young

This past week has been really awesome! We hit zone SOE (standards of
excellence) which was pretty awesome.
        Starting out the week our p-days honestly get kinda lame... Its zone
sports every week. This week we were going to go on a hike but the
weather was not in our favor.
Tuesday we spent most of the morning helping a member move some
furniture from their house to there mother's house, who is not a
member. We spent a long time over there getting to know her a little
better and pretty soon we might be able to even start teaching her the
lessons which would be really cool. After helping out with that we met
with a less active member in our ward Debbie. She hasnt been able to
make it to church for one because nobody really knew where she was,
another member found out they lived down the street from them. So we
are in the process of getting her records transferred over. We talked
with her and gave a lesson on faith which was a really cool experience
even though it was cold out on her porch.

        Wednesday was our district meeting and it was actually really cool.
We talked about the importance of teaching people not lessons. We
brought up a lot of good points while discussing the subject and made
me want to strive to work harder at doing that. After district meeting
we went around meeting with previous investigators and had the
opportunity to meet with Karry Wolf. When we knocked on her door we
werent expecting much to happen but we had the opportunity to teach a
lesson to her at the door on faith. After the message we asked if we
would be able to come back sometime and share another message but she
said no. Even though she said no it was a pretty awesome experience
for me.

Thursday was a long day, we had the oil changed and tires rotated on
the truck. After all that we went over to Bea and Han's house to read
scriptures and Bea totally snapped and was like we arent going to do
this anymore unless Han's does something to participate. Hans is a
recent covert who as soon as he was baptized fell of the deep end
pretty much. After that conversation of what we were going to do he
agreed to take the new member lessons and participate.

Friday was pretty great as well. We had our new member lesson with
Han's which was between very bad or very good. He spent most of the
time talking about random stuff that didnt really have anything to do
with the lesson. Tyson Otuafi came to teach the lesson with us and we
went from teaching the restoration to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Went
well but not in the direction it was going to be going into at first.
I pray a lot for that man and hope that he will do something to help
his life before he passes away.

Saturday we met willie today, he was this cool homeless guy that
started talking to us outside of Elder Maughan and Swains place while
we were heading out. After talking to him for a bit we gave him a Book
of Mormon and he accepted it. There was also a phone number in it as
well in case he wanted to get a hold of us. We didnt really know he
was homeless at first until we talked to Maughan and Swain about it
first. Really funny guy and we enjoyed talking to him about stuff.
Apparently he gave billions to charity last week...  After that we had
service with Debbie Stamper but found out she locked herself out of
her apartment. We helped her in and while we were helping her she told
us all this crazy stuff that she said was happening to her. People
trying to kill her or break into her house... Me and Elder Young kinda
got freaked out by her and didnt really know what to think of her...
#crazy #secretcameraswatchingher #wedidntseeanything but whatever...
As long as we dont feel like our life is in danger we will keep
visiting her.

Sunday was the best!! Church was great! Dax our investigator came to
church and stayed for the first two hours. After church we had dinner
with the Dunnes and it was really awesome. The dinner message we gave
was from Alma 37:6-7 talking about the importance of small and simple
things. After the lesson Brother and Sister Dunne complimented us and
said that our message was an answer to there prayers which really made
me happy. After that we went over to the Barnes house were we picked
up two new investigators finally!! Aimee and her Son William who is 9.
We start teaching them on Tuesday and I couldnt be more excited.

Now, I wanna talk about the importance of a testimony, and having your
own testimony. Being on a mission you really have to depend on your
testimony and your faith to teach people. Everyday I feel like I hear
some kind of new anti literature. I know for a fact that if I didnt
have a testimony of this gospel, I would not be out her still. When I
hear some of this stuff I am nervous that it will shake my faith but I
remember the spiritual anchors I have and the knowledge of the truth I
have. This knowledge did not come in one night and its not suppose
too. Just like in Alma 32:26-27 we must exercise our faith for it to
grow. I know that applying these things into your life you will be
able to gain your testimony. There are alot of things in this religion
that we might not understand and maybe we arent meant to. But I know
that through sincere prayer and a little bit of faith you can grow a
testimony of whatever you desire to have a testimony in.

Love you all!!


Elder Smith

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