Monday, February 15, 2016

Week 26

AREA: Benson, AZ
COMPANION: Elder Rasmussen

Monday: We went over to Brother Barney's junk yard today and broke
some cars looking for something to do. Something about throwing a
rotor disc through the windshield of a car is super fun. While we were
their we found a stereo to replace the one the we have in the trailer
already. This one has an AUX cable which is what we were going for.
Our phone was still broken today which made contacting people really
difficult. After all that we went to dinner then Al's to hang out. We
have a pretty close relationship with Al and he is very talented at a
lot of things and I asked him if he would be able to help me make a
leather journal cover and so we made one. Turned out super cool.

Tuesday: We did a lot of service for Brother Barney today... It was
kinda one of those things where there was so much stuff to do we would
feel bad saying we should probably go. We didn't have any appointments
or anything but we stayed there till about 3:30 doing service. We got
a lot done though which is good, he has to be off his property by
Saturday I think is what he said so he needs the help dramatically.
While we have been doing service one of the guys we have been working
with Cody is a less active member and I feel that since he has been
working around Barney and us, he has become more interested in the
church and he's been asking some questions.

Wednesday: Zone meeting was today which was pretty fun... We talked
about companionship unity and how important it is which was nice to
hear about, feel like it's something me and Elder Rasmussen can work
on more. Zone meeting went a lot longer than planned which was not
good for us because we had an appointment we had to make it too. We
had to call and reschedule but they understood and were very nice
about it. Next was dinner and then we had an appointment with Kristina
but Richard wasn't there so we had to reschedule. She had her friend
Becky over who I had seen a few times around town and felt I should
talk to her but never did. It was pretty crazy that she was there...
We talked a little. Didn't schedule any appointment but I'm sure we
will see each other again.

Thursday:  Today was a really good day. This morning was pretty
typical... This afternoon we went to Sierra Vista with Dona and Steve
to help them pick out a new computer and printer. Elder Rasmussen is a
complete computer geek and led them to what they need. Went home,
hooked up the stuff, and then we had dinner. We then went to our
lesson at Kristina's which was probably the best lesson I have ever
been in. The spirit was so strong, she bore her testimony to us about
how she truly believes that this is the true church. We invited her to
think about a date she would want to be baptized. There still is a lot
of stuff that has to go down before that can happen but it's still
super exciting. Kristina is so ready to be baptized :) she is so happy
to have the gospel in her life and I know wouldn't change having it in
her life for anything.

Friday: Weekly planning day... That was a blast... Sat inside doing
that most of the day. Went to our appointment with Dianne at 3 which
went really well. We brought her a big print Book of Mormon because
she has bad eyes and read the introduction pages. Read it with her
daughter and son in law and invited them to read as a family at least
one chapter a day. The rest of the day was dinner and we tried to stop
by and see Harold but he was in Sierra vista with Jose. Talked with
someone there named Tim and invited him to meet with us and so we are
stopping by on Tuesday to teach him.

Saturday: Super exciting day! This morning we drove out to Tucson for
Aimee's baptism! So amazing to see the gospel make such a huge
influence in her life. She was so ready to be baptized and I'm so glad
I could be there to see. The spirit was so strong at the baptism it
made me want to cry. Elder Ames gave a very good talk on baptism and
the Holy Ghost, Ric performed the baptism and could not have done a
better job. While at the baptism I got to see the Broadbent's and some
other families from my old ward. Such a great day, after the baptism
Me, Ras, Ames, and Cunningham went to Chick-fil-A for lunch. We then
went back to Benson, went home to Change out of our suits then had
dinner. Calls were tonight for transfers, were staying together for at
least another 6 week... Weren't really expecting a change so it's all

Sunday: Happy Valentine's Day! First Valentine's Day on the mission.
Went well... Felt like a normal day for the most part. This morning I
opened up a package from Savannah, got ready for church, went to get
into the truck and couldn't find the keys so we were late to church,
that was kinda embarrassing. Church was pretty good today... Still
feels really long, because it is... 6 hours. But the lessons were
really good and I'm learning a lot. Went to Kristina's after church
for a little, went to dinner, and then stopped by Dori's.

I'd like to bear my testimony on baptism and how grateful I am to have
this ordinance available to us on the earth today. This week I had the
opportunity to see Aimee enter the waters of baptism and come out
cleansed from sin. After the baptism I talked with her about how she
felt and she said she felt calm, relaxed, peaceful, and clean. This
feeling will be able to stay with her for the rest of her life. As she
continues to repent, go to church and partake of the sacrament, and
renew that covenant with our Heavenly Father.  We all can feel the
peace Aimee feels if we take upon us the name of Jesus Christ and are
baptized, and endure to the end. I have seen how this ordinance has
blessed my life and I can promise anyone I meet that through the
Gospel of Jesus Christ we can return to live with our Heavenly Father
and be the happiest we can be. I love this Gospel and I am so thankful
to be a part of it.

Love you all!


Elder Smith

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