Monday, February 29, 2016

Week 28

AREA: Benson, AZ
COMPANION: Elder Rasmussen

Monday: Typical p-day... Didn't do anything too special. After all our
normal pday stuff we gave a sister in our district a blessing.

Tuesday: Today was alright... We did a lot of service at Barney's. I
helped fix an old tractor and then watched Brother Barney almost kill
himself moving some dirt with it. He is in his late 60's and took that
thing up a huge hill and started moving some dirt. Blows my mind how
active he is at his age. After dinner we gave Sister Kitelinger a
blessing because of some surgery she had.

Wednesday: This week is Zone conference so we didn't have district
meeting today. Since we're having zone conference on Thursday we
usually do service for Barney, so we went over there for alittle and
then went over to Tim's to check on how he is doing. Ended up helping
him set up an exercise machine and cleaning out his back. We talked
about the gospel with him some which was good. Tim is a very nice guy
and I wish things would go somewhere with him... But Idk if things
will. We had a great lesson with Merideth a less active, talked about
the addiction recovery program some and the atonement.

Thursday: Zone conference was today, really was an amazing conference
and I got a lot out of it. It was very long but it was as long as
expected... 10-3. Can't wait to apply the stuff I learned into my
teaching. We had dinner at bishop prices house and then went to the
Kitelingers to teach Richard (the nonmember husband) the restoration.
The lesson was okay... It's hard to teach a good lesson when there are
3 kids jumping around all over the place. We then quickly drove over
to Kristina and Richards for a lesson on the Word of Wisdom and answer
some questions she had on the Fall of Adam.

Friday: Weekly planning practically all day... Our lesson with Dianne
got rescheduled for next week so that was too bad.

Saturday: Happy Birthday to me:) Today I turned 20 years old:) This
morning I got to open presents :) got some cards from some people
which was really nice:) Opened the present Savannah gave me that is
totally sick! Decorated a box all cute, made a banner of light art
photography that says I love you, got me a jack Johnson Guitar book,
and a pillow case that says one of my favorite quotes:) super
awesome:) Best girlfriend ever:) She also got me some cupcakes with 20
candles. After doing all that stuff we got focused on mission stuff...
We went and tried to go see a bunch of people but nobody was home or
didn't want to see us. We did schedule some appointments which was
good...  For dinner tonight the Hornes brought us to Sierra Vista for
Texas Roadhouse for my birthday. Elder Rasmussen was really looking
forward to me sitting on the saddle and getting embarrassed in front
of the whole restaurant but the saddle was broken so I couldn't haha
The whole place just did the whole YEE HAA thing... It was fun.

Sunday: It was okay... Church is still really long... 6 hours. But
today in 1st sacrament meeting a return missionary gave an amazing
talk on the atonement. Our investigator Kristina was at church and
loved it and came up to us and said, "that talk made me want to like
get baptized right now..." That was pretty amazing:) hopefully we can
talk about baptismal dates next time we go over to their house:) other
than that today was pretty normal...

This week I would like to bear my testimony on the importance of
reading The Book of Mormon and prayer. I have challenged myself this
week during my personal study to read atleast 1 chapter of The Book of
Mormon as preparation for lessons. By doing this and starting with a
sincere prayer my studies have been a lot more productive. Not only
have they been more productive but I have a stronger testimony of the
importance of reading The Book of Mormon and prayer. They're two
simple things that we should do everyday, and by doing it we can come
closer to our Heavenly Father. I know The Book of Mormon is the word
of God.... I testify of that. I have prayed about it countless times
and not once ever had answer telling me that it isn't true. The Book
of Mormon is evidence you can hold in your hand and read that this is
the true church. I love this gospel and I love sharing it with people.

Love you all!! Have a great week. Thanks for all the love and prayers:)


Elder Smith


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