Monday, February 22, 2016

Week 27

AREA: Benson, AZ
COMPANION: Elder Rasmussen

Monday: Pday was pretty good. Went to the zone sports which was pretty
fun to be around the zone. Today was the last day of transfers so we
all said our goodbyes to the people leaving the zone. We didnt have a
dinner tonight so we went to McDonald's and Taco Bell. Elder Rasmussen
really likes eating Taco Bell so he went their and I got McDonald's.
After eating we went over to the Carruthers house to hang out. They're
a super cool family I'll have to get a picture with sometime.

Tuesday: Even though we weren't getting transferred to new areas we
still had to help out with them. Our old zone leader Elder Whittle
didn't need to be at the transfer site till like 2:00 and his comp.
Elder Ruiz had to be their at 8:00 to pick up his. So Elder Whittle
spent the morning with us. We went and did some service at Brother
Barney's again which was pretty good. After service we went home to
change and then had dinner. Rest of the night was pretty boring. We
didn't do much.

Wednesday: Felt pretty good today, woke up this morning and worked out
for the first time in a long time, did studies, and really got a lot
out of my studies today. District meeting was alright... It was on
working with members more efficiently. We talk about this a lot I feel
like and it was more of a friendly reminder on using members to help
you find people. After district meeting we had some great Mexican
food,  went to Harold and Jose's place to read and maybe share a
lesson but Harold wasn't home. Read with Jose and he told us that
Harold thinks we're possessed by the devil or something so I don't
know if we're going to be teaching him anymore... While we were there
someone had there room searched by the police. After his place we went
to the church to better prepare ourselves for our lesson with
Kristina. Went to dinner and then went over to her place. Went great,
a member in the ward came to the lesson, we taught the restoration
again just cause it's been awhile. After the lesson we drove home for
the night to find our trailer fill with flies. Probably killed about
30 of them with the fly swatter... The rat in the wall I guess is
making a great meal for some flies.

Thursday: Today was alright. This morning we read with Aaron, were
almost done with the doctrine of covenants. After that we had service
again at Brother Barney's. After service we came home and changed,
talked with the garner's for a little, went to dinner, and then had a
lesson at the Kitelingers. We showed a Mormon message on the 10
commandments and discussed it some more. The Kitelingers are a part
member family and we are coming back over next week to teach the
restoration to Richard the husband:) New investigator:)

Friday 2/19/2016!!: 6 months down! 1/4 of my mission is done... Can't
believe it... feels like yesterday I went into the MTC. Today was a
pretty good day, this morning I worked out again:) I want to go on
runs but Elder Rasmussen can't because of his knees so I run back and
forth from the members house to the chicken coupe... Haha kinda looks
stupid but if you do that about 20 times it equals a half mile. Weekly
planning was today as usual, went pretty well. We stayed pretty
focused and was able talk about every person we want to see and make
plans for them before our lesson at 3:00.  We have 25 people were
currently attempting/are working with. Our lesson with Dianne at 3
went really well. We just read from the Book of Mormon and discussed
it. Next time we go over were teaching the restoration:) We had dinner
then went over to Kristina and Richards and watched Meet the Mormons.
That was great, Kristina really seemed to really enjoy it and she
almost cried a few times:) Really wish they could get married so she
could get baptized... Hopefully they get married soon:)

Saturday: Felt good today:) worked out again:) getting in shape so I
can continue to fit into my suits... This morning we got to drive to
Tucson for a doctors appointment. That went pretty well... The doc
diagnosed me officially with ADHD and anxiety. You all probably
already noticed I had ADHD though squirrel! Haha hopefully he will be
able to help me out. After the appointment we got lunch then went to
the Broadbent's to say hi. It was nice to go back and visit my old
place:)  we drove home and Brother Barney called us to try and fix his
internet... Got the fixed, went to dinner, and then went home to
burn:) for those of you who don't know, mission tradition is you burn
a tie at 6 months a shirt at a year, pants at 18 months, and a suite
at 24 months. That was a lot of fun, nobody died.

Sunday: Today was churches as usual... Churches was pretty good, this
morning we got a text 30 min before churches started that we were
teaching the gospel principles lesson. Luckily the lesson was pretty
easy, it was on the fall of Adam and Eve. The lessons in the other
classes were pretty good as well. Kristina and Dianne both came to
church:) Kristina has been coming to church for awhile but still
exciting but Dianne we didn't even ask her to come:) She really loved
it and she is really starting to get into the whole thing. After
dinner we went over to the Browns house ( Dianne's/her daughter and
son in law house) and hung out with the Browns. It was Josh's birthday
on Friday so they made cake and we didn't get a piece so they saved a
piece for us. Ate some cake then shared a message on the atonement. If
you haven't seen the addiction recovery videos the church put out you
need to watch them. They're so amazing. In the gospel library, family,
scroll to the bottom, click on steps to recovery videos. So amazing to
see the affect of the atonement in these people's lives. Super funny,
sister brown tried guessing who has been out on their mission longer
and she guessed I have. Haha Elder Rasmussen just went over 18 months

This week as we were reading with Dianne in 1 Nephi a verse really
stuck out to me. It was 1 Nephi 2:16 which says "And it came to pass
that I, Nephi, being exceedingly young, nevertheless being large in
stature, and also having great desires to know of the mysteries of
God, wherefore, I did cry unto the Lord; and behold he did visit me,
and did soften my heart that I did believe all the words which had
been spoken by my father; wherefore, I did not rebel against him like
unto my brothers." What really stuck out me in this scripture is that
he he had a desire to know the mysteries of God... So he asked God to
help him understand the truth. God spoke to him through the Holy Ghost
and told him that the things his Father, Lehi was telling him were
true. Through this confirmation he was able to be more supportive and
willing to listen to his father telling his family they had to leave
their home and precious things. We can follow Nephi's example and cry
into the Lord and ask him to understand this gospel better and know
it's truth. Not only have I had these confirmations but I've seen
others have these confirmations. I love this Gospel, so glad I had the
desire to know that led me to where I am now. Love you all! Have a
great week!


Elder Smith 

A member's motorcycle he let me sit on

The new district

Richard's son, Richie, and his girlfriend, Kristina

The Kitelinger girls

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