Monday, September 12, 2016

Week 55

AREA: Central Tucson 
COMPANION: Elder Esplin

Friends and Family:
Monday: Pday was good. Gave a lesson to a guy that was completely
drunk and we asked him about it later and he didn't even remember...
Other than that it was a pretty typical pday.

Tuesday: Had a really great day at the Foodbank. Talked to this guy
who was volunteering the same time as us. Ended up teaching him the
whole restoration with Elder Cox. Gave him a Book of Mormon and
invited him to meet with us again. Seemed really excited about that.
After Foodbank we had what you could call practically a marriage
counseling lesson with a recent convert couple that have been having
issues. Luckly we brought some members with us so it wasn't as
awkward. Went to go check on some more people and saw a family moving
out of their apartment so we helped them, shared the restoration, and
went our separate ways. Love planting seeds for someone else to watch
them grow:/

Wednesday: District meeting as usual. Pretty good overall training on
teaching the restoration while finding. Had chipotle for lunch, we had
a coupon for buy one get one free. Got a call from our vehicle
coordinator saying we get a new car so we went a picked up our brand
new 2016 Toyota Corolla LE. The things is awesome compared to the
other one we had. Travis brought us to dinner and we went to chipotle
again haha. Taught him the plan of salvation which was cool. Ever
wonder what happens to that boy in China that never has heard of the
name Jesus Christ?? Does the gospel apply to them as well?? I think so
:) and the plan of salvation answers that:) we then had a lesson with
a recent convert family and taught about family history. Then had a
lesson with another kid.

Thursday: Didn't have Foodbank so we went to the family history center
and learned how to do family history. It was actually a lot of fun and
cleaned up some records that were repeated. While driving down the
road today a dog ran into the side of the car. Unfortunately the
stupid thing was fine and kept on running. Stupid dog... Had dinner
with Tyna and Hannah. Tyna gave me a card that was very nice:) Had a
lesson with a recent convert and that was about it for the night.

Friday: This morning we went to go help out with a move that ended up
happening the day before. Helped out Percy with his apartment again.
Cleaned out a bunch of junk that he had all over the place. Btw... He
is a hoarder. He donated some of his stuff and threw away some stuff.
Since Craig has been having such a hard time with giving up drinking
we made a big poster for his wall to help him remember the goals he
set. Don't know if that has done anything for him but hopefully it
has. Reallly sad to see alcohol control his life... Drunk people are
hard to work with too. Didn't get a whole lot of weekly planning done

Saturday: Found a new investigator named Rose and went on a district
blitz in someone's area to help out with finding. Went to the swap
meet which was interesting... A lot of junk.

Sunday: Pretty good sabbath. Tyna taught gospel principles and it was
actually really good. Haven't had that good of a lesson in awhile.
Went on a district blitz and was able to go through a large portion of
the list of potential investigators we have.

Just a quick thought on the gospel as a whole. I know that this is
Christs church restored on the earth. I know that is a perfect gospel
that if anyone applies it, it will change them into a person they
never felt that could be. I know that we are all sons and daughters of
God and he gave us a plan for how to return to live with him. I know
that through this plan everyone of Gods children will have a chance to
reject or accept the gospel. I love this gospel, I love this church,
and I love that I have an opportunity to be on a mission to share this
message with people.

Love you all! Hope you have a great week!


Elder Smith

Practicing contacting people at the pet store

Poster we made for Craig

Plan of Salvation drawing

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