Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Week 58

AREA: Central Tucson 
COMPANION: Elder Esplin

Friends and Family,

Monday: Today was a pretty depressing day honestly... the normal pday
stuff wasnt the depressing thing it was more because Michael, the guy
who was from Africa we were teaching told us he didnt want to meet
with us anymore. When things like this happens it really sucks... the
only feeling I can compare it too is breaking up with a girlfriend
haha. Odd but true, you develop a relationship with these people and
put alot of time into helping them. Then they drop you out of no
where. At least I know I planted a seed and helped prepare to accept
the gospel another time.

Tuesday: Had an awesome lesson with Josh, our new investigator and set
a baptismal date with him. That helped me with my bad mood a little
which was nice.

Wednesday: Met some new missionaries that just came into the area. Had
our regular Wednesday meetings and then was supposed to have a lesson
with Percy the hoarder but wasnt home so we tried a few more people.
Had a great lesson with a recent convert named Anthony who is a really
cool kid. He reminds me alot of me when I was his age. Its nice to be
able to help him out through some of his trials. After dinner we had a
great lesson with Bryan on scripture study. We did pretty much a
scripture study role play with him, helping him to know how he can
really study the scriptures in depth for better understanding.

Thursday: typical Thursday for the most part. Met with Richard
Anderson and had a pretty good discussion with him. He expressed
desire to read his scriptures more so were going to help him out with
that. Then this evening we had a lesson with Payge a recent convert
and Payton. It was Payge's first new member lesson taught by members
and it went well for having a couple old timers teach it.

Friday: Weekly planned pretty much all day... had an interesting
experience at dinner tonight with tyna... She is already starting to
get depressed about me leaving the area so she has been doing
unusually stupid things. Helped her through some of those things and
then while we were there a family member came by and started yelling
and stuff saying yo a million times... Tyna told her to leave... so I
told her where the door was... she didnt like that. Started yelling
with this neighbor she didn't like, calling her a bunch of racial
names... and so we called the cops and of course they didn't come.
Luckily the family member left and now if she is seen on the property
where Tyna lives she will get arrested.

Saturday: Great thing about tucson is that in the summer there are
monsoons so it rains a lot and makes everything grow a ton. So
everyone's yard gets overgrown and calls the missionaries:) we had the
great opportunity to help 3 people clean up their yards. After that we
went to a birthday party for someone turning 92 years old! After the
party a member wanted to introduce us to a friend of his who is from
Iraq, is muslim, and has no legs! Never thought I would teach a person
like this... IT WAS AWESOME! His english wasnt too good but we were
able to simplify our teaching to help him understand. Found the
Restoration to be fascinating and looked forward to reading the book
of mormon in Arabic. Had a great lesson with Josh after that, and then
another great lesson with Dawn, Kimmy, and Cody.

Sunday: Awesome sabbath day. Kimmy, Cody, Dawn, and Josh all made it
to church today:) They all seemed to have a great time and learned
some great things. What was really great is Josh came and he went to
bed about 6 a.m. Because a pipe bursted and flooded an apartment in
the complex he does maintenance at and he was up all night fixing
it... btw church is at 9 a.m. After church we visited with some people
and finished up some weekly planning.

I believe families are ordained of God and that they are the most
important social unit in time and all eternity. When we die, we will
have our families with us... not our football team or chess club, etc.
Through temples we can be sealed together as families and never have
to worry about losing a loved one. I love the temples and the
blessings that come from going.

Thanks for everything you all do:) I love you all! Have a great week!


Elder Smith

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