Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Week 57

AREA: Central Tucson 
COMPANION: Elder Esplin

Monday: Pretty typical pday... nothing really interesting to mention. 

Tuesday: alright day, this morning I had a doctors appointment to finalize some things with my medication. Everything's going good there. Had the chance to drive by the temple that is being built and it is beautiful! Looking forward to when it is finished... hopefully its done before I leave. Other than that... we talked with a few people, found some more potentials, and had some good conversation with Craig and travis. 

Wednesday: Amazing temple trip! Had our zone temple trip and it was fantastic! One of the best experiences I have had in the temple so far. Was able to do work for my ancestors on my moms side. Since I had some extra names I handed some of them out to people in my zone. Love the temple so much! On the way home from the temples we stopped and said hi to the Garners, the members who owned the trailer I lived in, and then went back home. Unfortunately our lessons canceled but we did our best to find some things to do. 

Thursday: Didnt end up going to foodbank today, had a great lesson with Richard A. And  had a fantastic lesson with Dawn, Cody, and Kimberly. Theyre doing great and progressing smoothly. Taught the plan of salvation and used a new drawing that I made for the plan of salvation. Since I was tired of having to draw the same picture over and over again, I thought it would be a good idea to just go make copies of it at the fedex store. So worth it because i have already used 3 pictures. 

Friday: had breakfast with the district and then went home to start weekly planning. Member of the bishoprics daughter was getting baptized and asked if we could teach the 5 min teaching moment while they were changing. Did the vase analogy again and it worked well. After that we went home and did our best to get as much weekly planning as we could done. Had a bbq this evening for new members in the ward. Had a blast and our investigators came:) never have I seen a family be fellowshipped as well as this one. Makes me really happy and proud of the ward:) Travis came as well and seemed to have had a good time.

Saturday: Helped out at a move this morning which was fun. There were alot of people that showed up so we decided to take off so we could try to finish weekly planning. The ward had a cake auction which our investigators came too! They had a blast again and a member was able to give me permission to spent $25 of his so I let them take the joy in bidding haha They bought a pie for $20. Visited Craig after the auction and he wasnt doing too good unfortunately. 

Sunday: Really good Sunday. We had ward council this morning, had our investigators at church, and had a great experience. After church we were on our way home for lunch but decided to stop by and see a few people... ended up visiting people until we had dinner. Had a really good conversation with some recent converts and less actives. Craig committed to reading and praying about the book of mormon as well as pray about if he should go to the addiction recovery classes the church offers. Finally met with David who we have been trying for awhile, he committed to coming to church which is great!

I love this gospel so much:) I know its true and I know that anyone can know if it is true if they read and pray about The Book of Mormon. The peace and joy I receive from reading that book overwhelms me and too this day I ask God to know if it is true. Even though I already do know, I love having the continual confirmation from the Holy Ghost. I love you all! Have a great week! 


Elder Smith
Plan of Salvation poster

Zone picture

Progress on the Tucson temple

Last week's temple trip to Gilbert

District picture

Picture I bought at Deseret Book while in Gilbert

Proof that jinxing is real... sister tanner she was going to get transferred. This picture was taken friday and on saturday she found out sister Latu was getting transferred. Sad day, shes been having a difficult time in the area she is in and was looking forward to being transferred.

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