Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Week 59

AREA: Central Tucson  
COMPANION: Elder Esplin

Hello friends and Family,
I will have to be brief with my email today because its late but I
wanted to send out a quick message.

Highlights for this week...

Found a R2D2 shower head at a clothing drive that our ward was having.
Best thing I have ever had in my life.

had some really good scripture studies this week, I would definitely
suggest reading alma 37! Its soo good:)

Had a great lesson with some investigators, had a concern with
priesthood authority and baptism but I feel it has maybe been
resolved. We will find out though next time we visit with them.

Actually finished weekly planning on a friday! That hasnt happened in
awhile and am proud of it.

Great highlight of the week was watching General Conference! I loved
it so much! There was soo much I got out of it that I will share more
about next week:) Sorry for cutting this email short:/ wish Love you
all! And Choose The Right:)

A puppy :)

Watching conference at Roys with Bryan, his mom, and the other elders. Of course roy as well.

R2D2 Shower head that has changed my showering experience for life.

Only in Tucson....

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