Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Week 62

AREA: Central Tucson    
COMPANION: Elder Esplin
Dear Family and Friends,
Monday: Just a pretty typical pday... didnt do anything special.

Tuesday: Wasn't very busy today unfortunately. Not many people were
available. We did go to the foodbank as usual and then tried to find
things to do. Went to mutual and joined in which was fun. Cody came
and had a great time:)

Wednesday: Started the day off slightly different than usual. A recent
convert in the area needed a haircut and couldnt afford to do it so he
asked if we knew anyone who could cut hair. Great thing was that we
did and he was a missionary. We ended up driving him over to their
place at about 6:30 to get his hair cut before work. Big reason he got
the haircut was for an interview. I also go a haircut out of the deal
which was fun. Had district meeting, had a lesson cancel, had dinner,
and then met with lee and amber. Theyre doing okay, seems like they
have been struggling with some things here and there but they will
push through. After their place we went home and I opened up the
package Savannah sent me which was amazing!! Loved it so much!! She is
the best girlfriend a missionary could ask for:)

Thursday: Had a really good lesson with Arshad today. We gave him his
Arabic Bible which he was very grateful to receive. We also gave him a
Restoration and Plan of Salvation pamphlet in Arabic. After his lesson
we had a lesson with Richard Trejo, a less active who we are helping
out. We shared a message with him on trials which was good. The rest
of the day was kinda blah... wish we had more success sometime but its
all part of the work sometimes... It will get better:)

Friday: Had interviews with president this morning which went well.
After the interview my investigator from Benson texted me and asked if
I was in Tucson still. I just happened to be conveniently at the
church which she was 5 minutes away from. She stopped by and we talked
for awhile about how things are going. Things could be going better
but she knows what she needs to do which is good. That took up a big
chunk of our morning, so we went home and planned till we had
coordination meeting with bro. Washburn. Had dinner with the larsons
at a buffet which arent my favorite, and then went home to try and
finish planning.

Saturday: Had an amazing day!! A convert in our ward from alittle over
a year from now went to the temple to go through for her first time:)
she invited Elder Esplin and I to go which was super amazing. Never
had I been to the Mesa temple. It is a very old temple and has such
amazing woodwork. After the temple we walked around the visitors
center while we waited for our ride to get out from doing sealing for
their ancestors. When they got out we stopped by Deseret Book so I
could buy some more garments and then had Cafe Rio for dinner. Ended
the night driving home listening to Mr.Mormon talking about the fall
of adam and eve.  Mr. Mormon by the way is the most amazing audio book
I have ever listened too! Has opened my eyes to so many things with
the gospel. Definitely would recommend downloading it and listening.
Download it on for free!!

Sunday: This morning started out slightly stressful but got better. We
really wanted to help some less active recent converts to church so we
left for church earlier than usual and tried to check and see if they
were ready. None of them answered the door. Some of them we even saw
in the house but still didn't answer. Kinda stressed me out, so we
went to church, and still... nobody was there. Walked around for
alittle looking for people and next thing I know Travis is walking
through the doors of the church! That cheered me up big time:) So
happy to see him there:) said he had a really good experience. After
church we went over to Dawn, Cody, and Kimmi's because Cody wasnt
feeling too well. Ended up giving Kimmi a blessing. Had a lesson after
lunch with a less active who is struggling with alot of things right
now. Set up some goals with him and a lesson to follow up.

I just want to bear a simple testimony that I know that this church is
true. The Book of Mormon is the word of God. I know this because I
have read it, studied it, and prayed about it. There is nothing that
can take me know its true away from me. If you havent read it, read it
and it and pray about it and your life will be changed for the better.

Thanks for everything everyone:) I love you all:)


Elder Smith

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