Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Week 63

AREA: Central Tucson     
COMPANION: Elder Esplin
Monday: Woke up super early this morning and went on a hike with some
other missionaries in the zone. It was a pretty fun hike. We pretty
much walked up a paved path for accouple miles. It had a pretty view
from the top of it though looking down on all the crazy people of
Tucson haha. After the hike we spent most of the time just hanging out
at Roys. Had dinner with the Vincent family and we carved pumpkins for
their family home evening activity. It was pretty fun:)

Tuesday: Had foodbank, had a lesson with Hannah, went to Arshad's and
had a lesson on how we are all children of God. The language barrier
is sometimes difficult but we try to teach as simple as possible so he
understands the message we are sharing. Met with a struggling couple
in the ward. The husband has some addictions he is trying to overcome
and we decided to take them on and help them out. John Williams came
who is an amazing addiction survivor who has devoted his life to
helping people recover from their addiction. He once was a 400 pound
man who took 600 pain pills a month. He now has lost over 175 pounds,
ran two marathons, and has been 5 years sober. Such an inspiration to
me... if he can overcome that... I can overcome anything too:)

Wednesday: Had a zone breakout this morning and listened to departing
missionaries "dying testimony." meaning they are going home and bear
their testimony to the zone. Went to the foodbank for travis's going
away party. He is moving to Salt Lake for his job so his work threw
him a party. Went home to finish up on some studies till we went to a
lesson with Craig which actually went really well. He has been doing
pretty good recently... pretty sure hes still drinking alot but he was
sober when we were with him.

Thursday: Had a district breakfast this morning. Had what I thought my
last foodbank visit... but it was travis's last day with him working
with us so it was fun/sad at the same time. After foodbank we had a
pretty good lesson with the williams family about how we can help them
prepare to go to the temple. We then had a lesson with Josh & Vannessa
which went well I think. Richard, Vanessa's husband ditched out for
some reason... that was our day pretty much.

Friday: Wasn't too bad of a day, this morning we had to pick up my
medication, we then ate lunch, and started planning. Things with Cody
havent been doing too  good medically... he has been struggling and
having stomach issues so the appointment we had planned with them
canceled. That was pretty much the day.

Saturday: Had a goodbye lunch with travis this afternoon at Sunny Daze
Cafe which was okay. Its not my fovorite place but they give
missionaries half off so thats good. Went to the ward halloween party
which was fun. Travis cameThey had this trippie tunnel that made you
feel like you were walking on the way. Got our transfer calls this
evening... I'm going to midvale ward! :) different zone which is
nice... but I'm only moving literally 3 miles down the road. I will be
going to the same building as I am now, should see all the people I
worked with in Central every Sunday so that should be nice. Had an
awesome lesson with Michael, we lost contact with him for awhile and
didn't know what happened. Stopped by and he seemed to have some
concerns with the Book of Mormon. We told him more about the Book of
Mormon and by the time we left he was excited to read and find out if
it was true.

Sunday: Woke up super early to go to Catholic mass with Travis. It was
super cool to go to Mass as a LDS missionary. The pastor was very nice
and gave a very good sermon. After his church he came to our church!
It was awesome:) he even stayed for all 3 hours. After church we went
to Roys for lunch. We invited some people that we are working with
which was cool. Went home after that and spent most of the day
packing... after packing we went and visited a potential that was
super solid. Scheduled a follow up with him. Unfortunately I will not
be able to see his progression but I will be close enough by to hear
about it.

The message I would like to share today is about are we hiding from
repentance? We have been blessed to have the ability to repent of our
sins. We all sin everyday, so therefore we should all be repenting
everyday. I have seen the blessings of striving to repent daily. Every
night I try to think back on my day and ask God to help me to be come
a better person. Jesus Christ payed for our sins already, his hand is
reached out waiting for us to grab hold and lift those burdens from
us. Don't be afraid of repentance, all it means is to be sorry for the
wrong you have done and change to become a better person who is
happier with the choices they make. Thanks for all you do:) Love you!


Elder Smith

Lunch at Sunny Daze

Saying goodbye to Richard Anderson p.s. The shot of faith guy

The big tall guy is going to be my new companion, his name is Elder Blacker.

Travis at church

Pumpkin I carved

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