Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Week 66

AREA: TucsonMidvale
COMPANION: Elder Blacker 

Friends and Family,
Monday: Today was a pretty good p-day. Since we understood the area a
little bit more and everything things were a lot better planned out.
Apparently some missionaries from our zone play volley ball at a
church building 30 minutes from our place so we decided not to even
go. Went to a members house to do laundry which was awesome. Sister
Collingwood made us lunch and was great company. After laundry we were
on our way shopping and we saw a huge cloud of smoke, being curious
young men decided to go check it out and it was a house fire.
Unfortunately the cops blocked it off so we couldnt even see flames:(
Did shopping, emailed, etc... normal pday stuff. Members brought us to
Chiles for dinner which was good.

Tuesday: Today was not too bad. We had foodbank and it was actually
kinda boring without Travis. We are there for the service though...
not the socialization. After foodbank we went home for lunch and
everything to find out our appointments canceled... all of them. Ended
up spending time cleaning up the areabook some more. After that we
went over to an older sisters place to share a message and visit. She
is so cute, she is almost 90 years old. The whole time we were there I
wanted to smile because she was just so happy. I hope when I'm 90 i'm
still smiling away. After that we had dinner and then more Area book
clean up. Almost done with that thank goodness:)

Wednesday: District meeting today. Had a pretty good training on
planning, which is I feel one of the most important things you could
do for having a productive week. After district meeting we grabbed
lunch quick and then headed out to Sells (Indian reservation) to help
a less active member with some yard work. We then headed immediately
over to dinner which we were late too because we weren't expecting it
to take as long as it did to get to her place. Super cute, at dinner
there were two little boys 6 and 4. They were both being pretty
energetic and crazy... so I told them if they behave and listen I will
give them a present that is out in the truck. They both were excited
and were well behaved the rest of the night. At the end we shared a
thanksgiving message with them and invited them to say a prayer and
only say what youre thankful for. At this point I took out the box of
prayer rocks Savannah kindly made for me and had the 6 year old open
it. Literally, his face showed the most disappointed face I have ever
seen. He then goes "a rock? Thats lame." Did not expect that coming at
all... haha it was super cute though. We tried to talk it up and
explain what it was for but proceeded to see it for what it was... a
rock with paint on it. Disappointing to me that he didnt like it...
but also super cute haha.

Thursday: Went on exchanges with Elder Koon which was alright.
Exchanges always give me anxiety... especially when I am the one to
leave the area. Most of the day we spent at the foodbank in their area
which was a lot different than any of the other ones I have been too.
It was started by a local church and had a very interesting system
that I didn't completely agree with or understand... Good thing though
is we fed over 175 families which was good. Helped get them all ready
for thanksgiving. Had dinner with some cool members and then had a
lesson with a less active who has some issues. He was pretty
pessimistic and only said negative things. His life has been
challenging but there is no reason to only talk about the bad things
that have happened in your life. Felt I was able to help him with some
of his issues which was nice. Swapped back and that was pretty much
our day.

Friday: Today wasnt too bad. Weekly planning day as usual. Right when
we were about to start weekly planning, we had a maintenance guy come
and fix one of the light switches. That kinda brought things off task
but we got back on track once they left. Got as much planning as we
could done before leaving for dinner. Dinner went well and then we
went to a investigators place. They were the kind of investigator that
I feel just want to hang out rather than listen to our message. Not
sure if we will be going back over there but its all good there are
lots of people out there.

Saturday: Spent a good part of the day finishing up all of weekly
planning which was good. We had dinner with Henry as usual and then
had a lesson with an excommunicated member of the church. Hope to help
him as best as I can... I don't have authority though in that area of
things though so all I can do is encourage him. Very cool guy
though... He is a professional quilter, owned a business selling 100%
natural soaps, and no longer is doing that business so has a TON of
soap left over. He was nice and gave us some of the stuff that is
sitting around.

Sunday: Today was pretty good. We did not have any investigators at
church unfortunately but a few less actives came which was exciting:)
Had to calm Tyna down before church because something that pissed her
off. Tyna gave me a great letter talking about all the things she is
thankful for. Glad I have been able to help her in as much as I did...
at first she gave me headache and now she makes me smile. Shes one of
the most amazing people I have met on my mission and she is an
inspiration to me that change is possible through the Atonement of
Jesus Christ. Since we have church at 1 we leave right around dinner
time so we went home for dinner and then went to our bishops house to
share a message and talk. Super cool family.

This week during my studies I finished up Alma in the Book of Mormon.
Really got a lot more out of the war chapters this time through than
previous times. I loved the great example that Captain Moroni and his
army set. No matter how difficult things were they always true to the
gospel and endured. They were blessed for their loyalty with their
lives. Just like them we need to strive to be keep all the
commandments, take upon ourselves the name of Christ, and always
remember Him. None of us are perfect though and thats why theres an
Atonement. So we can repent and be cleansed of our sins and be worthy
of the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost. I love this gospel
and I love that I am out teaching it to the people of Tucson. Love you
all! Have a great week! And have a great thanksgiving:)


Elder Smith

Elder Blacker and I trying to be redneck. We failed. 

Cool picture of the Angel Moroni being put on the Tucson Temple

 Getting eaten up by a cute dog at a less actives.

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