Thursday, December 1, 2016

Week 67

AREA: TucsonMidvale
COMPANION: Elder Blacker 

Family and Friends,

Monday: Pretty good pday for the most part. We actually went to sports
this morning which is a first in probably 8 months. Still not the
greatest thing in the world though... haha After sports we went and
got our haircut at a members that lives down in Sahuarita. Super nice
Sister who has 4 little boys, one of them is a foster child. Our
dinner canceled so we ended up just not really eating and hanging out.
Pretty good pday.

Tuesday: Pretty fun day... Not sure if I mentioned this already but
since I'm still super close to the food-bank, I volunteer there
still... same one that I have been going to for the past 7.5 month. So
we went there and it was super busy, the line to get food was out the
door. After food-bank we ate lunch and then headed to our lesson with
Sister Williams which turned into a lesson with sister Williams and
Sister Lucas. They are both talkers and love to talk... so do I so we
did a lot of that and then shared a message about trials and how they
refine us into better people. Sister Williams has cancer sadly:/ we
may be teaching her daughter though which is exciting:) she is 9 years
old. After dinner with the Crawford's we had a lesson with the
Bagley's. Taught about keeping the Sabbath Day Holy which went well I
feel like. Brother Bagley is not a member so technically he is our
investigator but he has also raised 3 mormons and his wife is Mormon.

Wednesday: Pretty busy day. This morning we had district meeting as
usual. Since it is so far away we give the other elders that are close
to us a ride down to where we have District meeting. After our
meetings we had lunch and and then had a lesson with an older sister
in the ward who can't get to church anymore for medical reasons.
Sister Cole had a friend over who was not a member and we had pretty
good conversation about the church. We then had an appointment with a
less active sister which went well, she is definitely into studying
her scriptures which is good. After our lesson with her we had dinner.
Member bought us pizza and we picked it up at pizza hut which was

Thursday: Happy Thanksgiving! This morning we spent a majority of the
day doing studies as usual before we were then picked up by Bishop
Rees's son Matt. He brought us over to Mercury's (our investigator) to
bring us all over to his place for Thanksgiving "lunch." Had a very
great meal over there and so thankful for them inviting us and
Mercury. Great times over there with the Rees family as usual and ate
some amazing food. After their place we went and got dropped off to
then go to Roy's for our "second" thanksgiving. Didnt end up eating
though which was actually a big relief. I was soooo full already from
the first one. Spent time over there and then headed home for the
night. When we got home we were so anxious about Christmas coming up
that we decorated before we went to bed. Missionaries from before left
a bunch of Christmas stuff in the closet so we set it up:)πŸŽ…πŸΌπŸŽ„

Friday: Typical friday... weekly planning and all. This morning though
it sucked because we accidentally left our phone at Roys the night
before so we went over for that and then he offered to feed us
breakfast. Gone done with that and finally made it home. Started
weekly planning before we had to go to dinner.

Saturday: Helped clean the church this morning which was good. Was
told over a half dozen time that I was apparently cleaning too well...
They have professional cleaners come once and awhile to clean up what
we miss. According to the yellowness of the paper towel... the toilet
hadn't been deep cleaned in a while. Thank you mom for teaching me how
to clean well:) After cleaning we had a great conversation with a
investigator who lives in another ward but attends ours because his
daughter does about some challenges he is having. Hopefully we were
able to give him some motivation to continue to work hard so he can be
baptized. Went and visited some less actives and then had dinner with
Henry as usual. We then had a lesson with Gary and it went really
well. He really wants help coming back to church and overcoming the
trials that he goes through on a daily basis.

Sunday: Today was pretty good. This morning we went on splits so Elder
Blacker could go to church at our ward and I could go to church in
Sells. Road with Brother & Sister Collingwood down to church. Before
we went to church Sister Collingwood was very nice and cooked
breakfast:) Church in Sells was alright. Not very many people showed
up which kinda sucked. May have gotten a new investigator though:)
There were some kids that came that live with one of the members. The
kids were 6,8, and 11. After the Sacrament we split and I offered to
teach a lesson to the kids. We taught the Restoration and it was
great:) Talked about baptism and the 11 year old Michael seemed to
really like the idea of working towards that. After church we drove
back home, changed, went to dinner, then the Rees's, and then to
Tyna's. Pretty good time at those places:)

This upcoming month the church is putting on a worldwide challenge to
anyone who wants to build their faith in Jesus Christ. Its a new and
creative way that we can show our appreciation for what Christ did for
us and celebrate his birth. Jesus Christ while he was on the earth set
the perfect example for us and we should look up to him the best we
can. We have been blessed with a life on earth and a name given to us.
What we do with this name is our choice... We should always strive to
live worthy of constant companionship of the Holy Ghost. I would like
to re extend this challenge that has been given to us all and try our
best to follow the 25 day challenge. I promise you will not regret it
and you will gain a stronger faith in Christ. #LIGHTtheWORLD

Go to the website to watch the video:)

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