Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Week 68

AREA: TucsonMidvale
COMPANION: Elder Blacker 

Friends and Family,

I forgot my journal so I will give you a run through the best I can :)

This week was pretty normal other than we did a lot of service I feel like. 

Starting out with Monday... It was pretty good, we were able to get all of our things done by about 9 so we had a lot of time to chill. 

Tuesday was pretty good, we went to the foodbank as usual and then we went and tried to visit some people before dinner. Had dinner with the freemans and after dinner brother freeman cam e out and visited some referrals with us. Super successful night which was great:) we found a new investigator named Deon. He was a potential that had not been contacted in over a year. Super happy to see us and is looking for direction.

Wednesday was your typical wednesday in the mission. Had district meeting but after district meeting instead of just eating lunch, we decided to play a little prank on the district leader haha. Not sure if anyone knew this but it is very easy to take the tailgate off the back of a Nissan Frontier haha. Yup, we took off the tailgate and hid it from them. Told them that someone stole it haha they were super confused for a sec but we told them eventually. After that we visited with a sister who is almost 91 years old:) super cute. We then went over to Gary's for a quick message.

Thursday was the first day of the light the world activity so we spent all day in service clothes. Helped patch brother freeman's roof which was fun. Never done that before and it took a lot longer than I thought it would for sure. 

Friday we actually had to finish up patching the roof so after doing that though we did some weekly planning and then visited with a recently reactivated member named Kim. She told us how she was going to the temple to do baptisms for the dead which was soo exciting:) 

Saturday we went and helped clean the church with central ward and then had breakfast at Roys. Had some issues with my ipad so I took care of those and then went home to finish up on some planning before we had to go and sing at the adult session of stake conference. That was a lot and got a lot out of it. 

Sunday was stake conference and once again was awesome! very good speakers that talked about the importance of keeping the Sabbath day Holy. More specifically talked about making sacrament meeting as reverent and sacred as we can. 

Something I really enjoyed about the conference that I would like to share with you is that the importance of keeping the Sabbath day will never change. We need to always strive to keep the Sabbath Day Holy not only by doing it but by preparing ourselves and doing it with faith. It is impossible to be saved by our works... nothing we do will "save us" This does not mean we can just sit on our butt and do nothing though. No, we shouldnt just be a body sitting at church because that is just works... youre doing it just because. If you do it with faith you will gain a testimony of church attendance and will become a better person because of it. What we become as we exercise our faith in Jesus Christ by doing things, and continueing them till the end determines what happens. I love you all! have a great week! 


Elder Smith

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