Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Week 69

AREA: TucsonMidvale
COMPANION: Elder Blacker 

Friends and Family, 

Monday: It was a pretty good p-day. Did all our regular p-day things
and went to the library. The rest of the day was pretty laid back.

Tuesday: Not too bad of a day. We had food bank and everything as
usual. Had a lesson with Faith, our investigator and it went pretty
well. We mostly spent time establishing expectations. After them we
went over to a councilor in the stake presidents house and he is
awesome! Super cool family. The rest of the night was not very
exciting unfortunately.

Wednesday: Had zone meeting today which was fun. It was all about
practicing before lessons so we are better prepared. They changed the
name from role play to practice so we don't psyche ourselves out. Had
dinner with a senior missionary couple in my complex, it was Salmon
which was super yummy! We did have a lesson with Deon which canceled:/
that sucked. So we went over to brother Collingwood and he told us
that he was going to be the new Ward mission leader. This should be
pretty awesome, he is retired and spends a majority of his time
contacting everyone in the ward directory. We finished up the night
visiting with Gary which went well.

Thursday: Had foodbank which was pretty good... still kinda repetitive
and everything. I actually left a suggestion in the box in the break
room. After I wrote the suggestion I wrote #bringtravisback haha We
all miss travis and wish he were still here. Glad he is finding new
experience and everything. We then had another appointment with Faith
and taught the Restoration. It went very well and she accepted a
baptism date for the 31st of December.

Friday: This morning there was a Fry's grocery store grand opening
across the street from our apartment so we thought it would be a great
opportunity to talk with people. Got up and headed over there and had
some fun. There were so many people there I couldn't believe it.
Apparently the first 250 people through the door got a free $10
giftcard, we weren't even close to being in the group of the first 250
people. We did talk with a few people and found a less active who has
been less active since she was a little girl and she was in her 30s
probably now. We then got ready and everything. Sister Lee came over
to inspect our apartment and we past :) had a lesson with Kim which
went well, visited with some potentials and actually found them.
Scheduled an appointment with one so we will see if they follow
through. The ward Christmas party was tonight which was a lot of fun
and there was so much amazing food. We ended up bringing almost all of
the leftover desert and tamales home. Exchanged tonight with the
district leader tonight.

Saturday: Really fun day with Elder Hale. Did all of our studies and
everything and it was super fun because we had a pretty intense
conversation about the Plan of Salvation. Love learning new things:)
we had a lesson with the Castleberry's who were previous investigators
that contacted us and asked if we would come teach them again. In the
past they have been known for just wanting to meet with us to take
advantage of the welfare system. Although this time after visiting
them I felt that they were very sincere about meeting with us and
wanting to really find the truth. Right before we left they told us
about their landlord and that they were members. We ended up visiting
with them as well. They are the Provstgaards, its a mom and son. The
son is 28 and the mom is old and has breast cancer so she hasn't been
feeling well enough to come to church. She did have a bunch of awesome
animals! Not just your typical pets for sure. We went home for dinner
and Elder Hale bought pizza for us. After eating we stopped by a less
actives that lives in our complex but they were not home so we knocked
on their neighbors and talked with him for about 45 minutes. Super
cool guy who is very open about learning about different churches.
Cleared up some confusion about mormons with certain things and talked
about the Book of Mormon. Awesome day! Ended the day with exchanging

Sunday: This morning we had to drive all the way back to the district
leaders house because we forgot to give them back the keys to their
car which they needed. After that we drove over to brother Freeman's
so we could go on splits. Elder Blacker and Matt (bishops son) went to
Sells for church and I went with the Freeman's to midvale ward. The
Provstgaards came to church which was awesome! The Castleberry's were
supposed to but there was some challenges with transportation. After
church I made breakfast for dinner and then went to bishops house as

I would like to bear a simple testimony that I know that the Book of
Mormon is the word of God, I know Joseph Smith is a true prophet of
God, I know that the gospel blesses families and helps us to become
stronger, I know that if we apply the gospel the best we can and keep
being humble enough to do what God wants us to do and not what we want
to do, we will never go astray. I love this gospel and the happiness
that it has brought into my life as I have applied it.

Love you all!! Have a great week:) stay strong and choose the right!:)


Elder Smith

One of the Emu's that that less active has. They have so much more animals than this though. 

Elder Blacker getting a haircut, he is so tall she had to stand on a stool.

This is stupid.......       The dog's name is Stupid.

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