Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Week 72

AREA: TucsonMidvale
COMPANION: Elder Blacker

Monday: Today was an alright pday. We woke up this morning to do
laundry and the laundry room appeared to be closed so we went to a
laundry Matt instead. I feel like bringing them there was a better
option anyway... it seemed to have cleaned the clothes better. Other
than that we pretty much did what we usually do. Nothing too exciting.

Tuesday: On exchanges with Elder Ames for the day. He was my 2nd
companion for any of you that didnt know that. Had a lot of fun
catching up and doing missionary work. Its amazing to see how much we
have changed since we were last companions. Had a move today and had a
bit of a scare. Two of the mattresses we moved had bedbugs!! When we
got home we stripped down and put all of our clothes in trash bags to
throw them in the freezer. Went and showered and then had lunch with
the Jone's. After that we went and contacted some people, and tried to
go to some lessons that didnt end up happening. We did have a lesson
with the Bagley's which was pretty good. Brother Freeman came with and
was a big help.

Wednesday:Since the other zone leader had to drive up to our district
meeting anyway, we didnt exchange back last night. So yes, we had
district meeting this afternoon which was pretty good. We went to the
library which was different but pretty good. Went to lunch with the
district, went home, took a short nap, went and contacted some less
actives, and then spent the rest of the night doing the same stuff
after dinner.

Thursday: Today was not too bad. We went to foodbank for the first
time in awhile which was nice. After foodbank we visited with Faith
and had a pretty good talk with her. Tried to help her gain a better
understanding of the Book of Mormon and why it is so important. Other
than that we had dinner and stuff which was nice.

Friday: This morning after studies we started our planning. Ate lunch
and then went to Kim's for a lesson. Lesson with her went well. After
her place we went home and planned for the rest of the night pretty
much because we didnt have a dinner.

Saturday: Pretty fun day. This morning we went over to Gary's after
studies and did some service. Had lunch over there with some gospel
discussion. We then went straight over to the Provstgaards to help
them clean out the Castleberry's place. Turns out they were con
artists pretty much and have been traveling all over conning people
out of money. After they moved out the "new renters" came to move into
the place. Thing is... they don't own the place, they didnt have the
right to do that. The guy that came to move in had already paid a $450
deposit as well to Joe... things like this had happened multiple times
in the past. Spent a good amount of time doing that. The Castleberry's
left a bunch of junk in the place so they let us take whatever we
wanted. Got some new furniture which was nice.  Rest of the night we
spent with Henry till we had to go home.

Sunday: Happy New Year! Nothing like celebrating New Years as a
missionary. Nothing like a time change haha church meets at 9:00 now
instead of 1:00. Had a meeting in the morning which went well. Church
was pretty good as well. The speakers were pretty good and the lessons
were good as well. After church we went home, ate lunch, and did
studies. Had dinner with a fun family in the ward and then went over
to the Rees's home for a lesson.

Genesis 10:17--
        And it came to pass, when they had brought them forth abroad, that he
said,                    Escape for thy life; look not behind thee, neither stay thou
in all the plain; escape to      the mountain, lest thou be consumed.

This scripture is brought up in the story of Lots wife and how she was
told to not look back at the past they were leaving behind. When they
were leaving she looked back and was turned into a pillar of salt. We
can learn form this story by learning from our mistakes and not
dwelling on them. When we repent of our sins fully, God doesnt even
remember them anymore so why should we. This new year, make a goal to
not look back and live everyday like a new year:) I love you all!!
Happy New Year!!


Elder Smith

Pipe I found while cleaning out the Castleberry's p.s. I cleaned it completely first.

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