Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Week 73

AREA: TucsonMidvale
COMPANION: Elder Blacker

Family & Friends,

Monday: Just your typical pday... stupid library was closed because its apparently a holiday. Other than that we pretty much just hung around at different places, had a great time, relaxed a little, and then went to dinner at Olive Garden with Sister Dilley. Would have been super yummy if we were to actually have had the chance to eat... but by the time our food came it had been about 45 minutes since we ordered it so we just put them in to go containers and left. Filled up mostly on soup and breadsticks though so that was nice. They did apologize for the wait and took one of the meals off the check which was nice of them.

Tuesday: Busy day... We did not have foodbank today because they were doing inventory so we ended up taking some extra times for studies and taking lunch. We then and tried to visit people before visiting Sister Cole. One of these days I will have to get a picture with her. After Sister Cole's we went to Faiths for a lesson and taught the Plan of Salvation. Very sweet little girl and is sometimes difficult to get involved in the lesson. We even brought chocolate haha towards the end of the lesson though when we showed a video called, "Sacrifice and Sacrament," which talks about the sacrifice that Christ made for us and how important it was. Very powerful video I would recommend taking the time to watch. After visiting with her, since we were in the general area, we felt we should go and visit the Lujan family. We found there place this time and had a very nice visit talking about how things have been and then sharing a mormon message video. On the way home #45mindrivethatismostlydirt we got a call from a member who needed help moving something quick and ended the evening with that. 

Wednesday: Had district meeting as usual and had it at the library again which I feel went well. After district meeting we had lunch as a district and waited for the zone leaders to meet up with us so we can blitz our area. (meaning everyone goes finding in our area) We had an appointment to get to before they got to our place so the Valencia elders went with them which went well I think. They found one new investigator for us and they also contacted a few less active members who want us to stop by again:) super awesome. Our lesson with Sister Gamble went well, she is a less active member I believe and lives in Utah a majority of the year. Unfortunately though she will be moving back to Utah on Monday for work haha. So that was quick being that we have only met with her once. Had dinner with Sister Dilley again and then went and visited some people on our list. Founds some pretty solid potentials so we will see how things go.

Thursday: This morning we had foodbank as usual. Steven, who took Travis's position after he moved to Utah is starting to come around. Usually he would keep to himself and not talk with anyone, and now he is which is awesome and makes working at the foodbank a lot more enjoyable. After foodbank we went home for lunch and then did some service patching some holes and painting. Our appointments for the evening canceled so we ended up just trying to see some people. Sister Dilley was awesome once again and got us some Texas Roadhouse giftcards for dinner! Our dinner for Friday called and wasn't going to be able to feed us so she gave us some money for dinner. Instead of going to Texas Roadhouse today we used the other money to get dinner at McDonald's so we could just go to Texas Roadhouse friday. Elder Blacker had heard about bidets you can install on your regular toilet and he wanted one, so we had a second to go over to Home Depot and he bought one! The things is awesome and would definitely recommend it to anyone who goes poop on a toilet.

Friday: This morning started off pretty good, after doing studies we started doing our weekly planning. Weekly planning always seems to go really well until we have to leave for a lesson. Had a great visit with Kim who next friday will be going in for a knee replacement surgery. P.s. Thank you Sister Broadbent for getting your knee replaced while I was at your place:) Comforted her a lot after sharing your knee replacement story with her haha:) hope thats okay:) After Kim we went and visited accouple of people before heading out for dinner at Texas Roadhouse! Sister Dilley gave us each a $25 giftcard and the chances of us coming back were low so we splurged and spent it all haha Got myself steak and ribs haha. After dinner we went home and did some more weekly planning. 

Saturday: Today was a pretty busy day. This morning went pretty much normal till we went to the Provstgaards for service. Helped feed some of their animals and then laid some carpet. 
Got done with that and on the way home stopped by this garage sale place to check out some things and my dreams have come true. They had a clapper for $1!! It was the most amazing purchase I have ever made! It works great and I no longer have to get out of bed to turn the light off:) THANK YOU TECHNOLOGY! We then went over to Sister Lucas's place to bring over some boxes for her because she is having to move. Went straight from there over to a referrals who was awesome! Her name is Patti and she used to be a professional singer. Apparently she used to model for playboy too... kinda weird but she is awesome. #onlyintucson. We gave her a Book of Mormon and shared a little about it. Invited her to read it and she was excited to get started. After dinner we had a great lesson with another new investigator named Daniel. Has heard some odd things about the church which we corrected... one of which was that Joseph Smith was killed while fornicating with other men's wives... Really?? Anyway, other than that he seems very interested and we look forward to meeting with him again soon. 

Sunday:This morning went alright. We got up and ready to go to ward council this morning and went to look at the phone and noticed we didn't have it so we had to run home quick. We got to ward council and that went well I feel like.  Elder Black and I split for church today, I went to Sells and he stayed. Sacrament down in Sells went really well I feel like other than we were super late getting down there. Not too many people showed up which was somewhat expected. After church Brother Freeman (my temporary companion) and I went over to a disabled member's to bring her the sacrament. Super nice couple :) After that, we came home, did some studies, and left for dinner at Gary's place. Went to the Rees's home for our Sunday evening message and dessert. Elder Blacker hit his 18 month mark so he burned some pants. That was an adventure and we even related the burning pants the the message we shared with them. 

I would like to share a quick message about obedience to the commandments and the importance of exercising our faith, getting out of our comfort zone so we can grown. Below is a diagram I wrote up for this message. This is the science of growing your faith in Christ if that makes sense. Our Heavenly Father loves us more than we can comprehend and gives us commandments to follow to direct us on to the right path. These commandments that He has blessed us with are not always easy to follow and do take effort. With every trial we go through, as we put our faith in Christ, and keep the commandments no matter how difficult it may be, we will be blessed. With every principle we are given is an invitation to follow it. In the diagram you can see how when we first start a new habit, it is hard, and that may be the case sometimes. Although, overtime as we continue to apply these principles, they become less and less difficult, and we grow closer to Christ in the process. Now just like a person going to the gym has to increase their weight over time to gain more muscle, we have to challenge ourselves in the routine of whatever we are doing. By doing this we will receive greater blessings and become a better person. I promise you all that as we are obedient, we strive to challenge ourselves, allowing ourselves to grow and progress, and become more happy. You will not ever fall! I love you so much! I hope this made sense to you :) if not ehh... I try. Have a great week! Love ya!

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