Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Week 70

AREA: TucsonMidvale
COMPANION: Elder Blacker 

The Family & Friends,

Monday: Not too bad of a p-day. This morning it was the last p-day of the transfer, so we went to volleyball at the church to say goodbye to a few of the Elders and Sisters leaving. After doing that we went to a sister in Sahaurita's for a haircut. Took a lot longer than expected but it was pretty fun spending time there with Elder Blacker, Lundell, and Carico. After that we had dinner at an awesome families house. This family has 4 kids and 2 sets of twins! Super awesome family that is very driven to share the LIGHTtheWORLD message with their friends and family.

Tuesday: Not to shabby other than all our lessons canceled. This morning we went over to the transfer site to say goodbye to the departing missionaries. After that we went home and finished getting ready for the day. Had food bank as usual and had a great time. After food bank we went home so we could get ready for all the lessons we had planned which all canceled. We did visit with sister cole and Peters which was nice. Had dinner with Tyna and Hannah which was very delicious. Tyna made ham, turkey, mashed potatoes, deviled eggs, veggies, and stuffing. It was practically a thanksgiving meal. It was very good, especially for a vegetarian chef.

Wednesday:This morning was kinda weird... Tyna had a drawer that was broken so I brought it home and spent some time this morning fixing it. Elder Blacker had his first district meeting which went pretty well. This evening we helped the Sisters in the relief society help set up for their Christmas gathering. It was pretty fun spending some time with the sisters in the ward and getting a bunch of yummy food. I had some pie that is definitely on my top favorite pie lists. Spend almost the rest of the evening there setting up, eating, and taking down everything.

Thursday: Fun day, instead of foodbank we went to Toys for Tots at this big warehouse. We had the opportunity to bag the presents for the people in need of toys for their kids:) I made sure to grab toys that were family friendly and would bring them closer together haha. We did actually go to foodbank for a little bit because we got out of Toys for Tots earlier than expected. Had lunch with Ludlow and Lundell because we had a bunch of leftover food from members giving it to us. Went over to the Freeman's and planned out what we will be doing to organize his things. He has a party rental business and there are chairs, tables, and such all over the place. I have written up a pretty good plan of what we will do, it feels very official. After that we had dinner with Henry and had some humongous pizza, it was a 24 inch pizza!

Friday: Spend the day weekly planning pretty much. Had dinner with the Icely's which was super great:) they're an older couple in the ward and brother Icely is the stake patriarch. 

Saturday: This morning we had a coordination meeting with brother Collingwood our new Ward Mission Leader. That went very well, he is driven and wants to help us with the work. He has been a ward mission leader multiple times in the past and has a very good idea of how to best help the work to progress. This afternoon after lunch we met with the Provstgaards, the people with all the animals. That lesson went very well and they have the coolest animals once again! They have a pet wolf. It literally is a wolf, not a dog/wolf mix... It is super cool! After them we had a lesson with the Castleberry's discussing our expectations with them and how they need to change how they are doing things currently. They have a past with mooching off of people... we pretty much told him you can't do that so what are you doing to do about it? The rest of the night was kinda slow until we had a lesson with Gary. 

Sunday: today was a pretty good sabbath. We had PEC this morning and then had church. Had some pretty big changes in our ward. The first counselor in the bishopric changed and the young men's presidency. Excited to see how this goes with all these changes. After church we went home and got ready to go to dinner at the Kotters. They have two little girls who are super cute and we shared a short message with them about Jesus. Had our usual meeting with the Rees family and had some very good conversation. 

Next Sunday is Christmas. It is one of the best days of the year. We do have a choice of how we make it one of the best days. We have a savior who love us very much and we have the opportunity to celebrate His birth. This Christmas, I want to invite you all to always remember Him. Focus on the sacrifice that our Father in Heaven made sending His only begotten son to sacrifice Himself for the sins of the world. Christ made it possible for us to live again, overcome sin, and one day return to live with our Father again. Merry Christmas everyone! πŸŽ…πŸ»πŸ€ΆπŸ»πŸŽ„πŸŽ„

Love you all!

,Elder Smith

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