Saturday, September 5, 2015

Week 2 (from Ryan)

AREA: Northwest Zone, Tucson (Catalina, AZ)
COMPANION: Elder Young

Ryan finally emailed! His mission president gave him permission to email today (even though it's not his P-Day) because he was traveling on his last P-Day. (For those reading this who might not know what P-Day is, it's the day that elders are given to do laundry, go grocery shopping, write to their families, etc. Basically the day they do non-mission stuff.)


Sorry I didn't have a chance to call you from the airport😁 I was
planning on calling you when I landed but right when we landed we met
the mission president and started doing stuff. I feel really bad about
itπŸ˜“ but I can't do anything now sooo... Sorry.

The rest of my experience at the mtc was pretty laid back. I had some
good days and bad days, but I got over it. My new companion is Elder
Young (haha ikr ironic elder young and smithπŸ˜‰)  he's a pretty cool
elder. Elder Young is from Idaho, he is a die hard Boise State Bronco
fan. He reminds me a lot like Garrett in a way when it comes to
football. We have been working hard I think... Haha I feel like our
schedule is full but we have such a big area we spend slot of time
driving instead of teaching which sucks but I guess it's the best we
can do for now. I have been working with this one investigator Michael
who is awesome! He has almost read the entire Book of Mormon and wants
to get baptized really bad. He has some word of wisdom issues he needs
to fix first but should be getting baptized soon. I love these people,
being a missionary is an amazing experience and I can really feel the
spirit basically pushing words out of my mouth to say. I hope to touch
the hearts of many.

About Arizona: Arizona can be hot but most of the time were in a car
or a house so we don't experience the heat too much. I actually am
very comfortable here. There are mountains right I'm my front yard.
I'm living at a members house who have a pretty nice house so we have
some pretty nice amenities. Living it up in the high life😎 I might be
buying a bike from one of the elders in my zone pretty soon because
he's leaving and apparently it's still in good shape... But I'll be
the judge of that😁

Sounds like everything is going great! So that's awesome! Tell everyone I say hi and I love them

Elder Smith

I'm guessing he's showing how big this dog's paw is? He did not describe these pictures at now I get to guess.

I would guess this is the view right outside the place he's staying. Not bad!!
A dog. Not sure whose dog. But...a dog. With, randomly, Holes by Louis Sachar?  Maybe it's a metaphor haha.

Swag with Elder Young.

Such swag.

Wow. So strong. Swag.

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