Monday, September 7, 2015

Week 3

AREA: Northwest Zone, Tucson (Catalina, AZ)
COMPANION: Elder Young

Because we just got an email from Ryan on Saturday, his emails today are a bit sparse. This is a little excerpt from an email to me:

"Everything is going great! still continue to teach out investigators and help people back to church who are less active. Having a lot of fun in Tucson. Really not as bad as people say it is. It gets hot but Im inside most of the time when Im preaching the gospel... soo... I should be having my first baptism pretty soon;) haha working at it with elder young. Hes a cool guy, good trainer and he is trying his best to help me get used to the field."

My mom also got a text from someone who fed Ryan in Tucson on Saturday! 

"We fed your son dinner tonight and thought you might like a picture of him and his companion Elder Young. This is not a typical backyard in Tucson."

Thank you for your continued prayers for Elder Smith!

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