Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Week 5

AREA: Northwest Zone, Tucson (Catalina, AZ)
COMPANION: Elder Young

Monday: today was A nice long pday, it was much needed. We had our
morning lift session and then went to jump time at a trampoline gym in
downtown Tucson. While at the trampoline park I relearned how to do a
backflip which was awesome. After dinner we got asked by the member
feeding us if we wanted to milk a cow! So we were like "heck yeah!" So
we got to milk a cow and then Brother Richardson gave us a bottle of
milk to take home. It tastes sooo good.

Tuesday: Today we did are daily trip to the Otuafi's to lift but for
me instead of lifting I decided to so some service. The Otuafi's have
a bunch of weeds growing all around there 5 acre property. The weeds
were huge and had probably been growing for several years. It was nice
to do yard work again, it's been awhile it seems like. After doing
that we went home and got ready then went over to Elder Wall & Jacobs
apartment to drop off elder walls iPad he forgot in our truck.  We
then went and met with our investigator Martha and taught her the plan
of salvation, and didn't that just go great. She loved the plan and
told us that there is no way that it isn't true. (Just like she said
with the restoration) after things going so well we thought we would
invite her to be baptized... She said no.... Because she was "already"
baptized and she knows that she was. Ughhh we proceeded to talk about
why she didn't want to get baptized and she ended up telling us that
if she's wrong, then we can come to the Middle Kingdom and visit her.
Crazy old lady... after that we went and talked to bee a recent

Wednesday: today wasn't very busy but was awesome! I went on a run
this morning... So exhausting  We had a nicely planned out day but
everything fell through mostly. But we did end up reading scriptures
at bee and Hans house. (These are our previous investigators michaels
parents). They are both recent converts. Hans is a drunk though and
most of the time we go over he's wasted. He is also German so it can
be pretty entertaining. But it's sad. But this time we went over he
wasn't drunk! And he normally talks crap about the book of momon and
how it's all "bull shiz". Don't know why he ever decided to get
baptized but whatever... He sat down at the table and followed along
in the Book of Mormon with us! I've been praying everyday for him and
I feel my prayer was answered.

Thursday: amazing day today! Other than elder young woke me up at 5:20
am to go lift before our temple trip. This was my first of seven trips
in the mission field. I love the temple sooo much and it is an amazing
service that I really look forward to doing. Temple trip took up a lot
of the day but it was worth it big time. Had some amazing spiritual
experiences and had some prayers answered.
P.s. We go to the Gila Valley Temple.

Friday: today we went to the Otuafi's and I borrowed the broadbents
weed wacker and just killed those weeds in a day. We then did service
for a sister in the ward. She is really big into gardening and needs
dirt for her garden so we fill buckets with dirt then bring them over
to her house to fill up her garden. It's exhausting... There are about
20 buckets maybe, and they're the 5 gallon buckets and full with dirt
they weigh about 40 lbs. After service we went back and showered and
started weekly planning all day. this stuffs important and I know
that. But it still sucks. After planning we went and visited some
people before dinner. Doris was one of those people, she is such a
funny person. Things really don't click with her, but that's what
makes it so fun to talk to her. We had dinner, and after dinner we
went to the church for ward volleyball night, only one person showed
up... And the gym was being used the next day and had a bunch of
tables set up in there so we couldn't play. So brother daul the person
showed up took us to the melting pot for some cheese and
chocolate. it was sooo awesome. I ate so much... So much that I
might have thrown up right when we got into the parking lot. Haha I
was walking to the car and said "brother daul... Would you be offended
if I threw up? Then just exploded. It sucked... That food was amazing
and expensive. I feel like I should slip him a 20. But elder young and
brother daul laughed so hard I think he forgot about how much he spent
on the meal... HAha I guess i can see how it was funny.

Saturday: we did service most of the day today. IKEA furniture takes
forever to put together... 4 hours sometimes. That was our service.
But we got a free lunch out of it so that was nice. after service
we looked at our phone to find out all our appointments canceled...
Really annoying when that happens. But we found something to do till
dinner. Dinner was awesome! Lots of people there! And the members
who's house it was, the wife happened to be from bear lake Idaho and
cousins with my old roommate in college Brandon! Small world. It was
awesome to hear about how Brandon was doing.

Sunday: today was church and we accidentally slept in till about
7:30... Ikr... So late... But when we got up we got ready and did our
studies and everything. Normal morning. We had ward council at 10:00
so we went to that. It was super fun. but we learned a lot and shared
some important stuff to everyone. We then went home for lunch then
back home for lunch and went right back for 1:00 church. Church was
great and was happy to be there. Finally went tracting for the first
time and got two potential investigators in just 30 min and me and
elder young feel really good about one of the people. Hope things go
good in our lesson!  Rest of the night was your typical Sunday, we had
dinner, went to another meeting, then home to celebrate brother
broadbents birthday. We played his favorite card game.

That was my week... After writing it all out it looks like so many
things I'm doing... But it goes by soooo fast. It's awesome how when
you're so into the work, time flies. Everyday my testimony grows and I
learn to follow through with the promptings of the Holy Ghost.
Sometimes it can be hard to but I've never been disappointed. This is
an amazing gospel and I challenge all who know its true to share that
with someone, and if you don't know it's true, figure it out because
there's always a way. This is a perfect gospel. It is Jesus Christs
church in these latter days...
Remember that, and share it with someone. HELP THE ELDERS IN YOUR WARD
GET SOME BAPTISMS! They will appreciate greatly. Tracting isn't always
the most affective thing. A teacher in the mtc told our class that out
of the 39 baptisms during his mission, only 2 of them he found. The
rest were from members referrals.

Thanks for the prayers! I feel the blessings everyday, I love you all
so much and I hope I can hear from you soon.

Love, Elder Smith


She hates the smell of my cologne haha.

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