Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Week 91

AREA: Safford, AZ
COMPANION: Elder Inskeep 

Friends and Family,

Monday: Not too exciting of a Pday... just had normal pday stuff.

Tuesday: Had food bank this morning and then a lesson with the
Boswells. Brother Boswell is a less active member who's wife is an
active member... except he hasn't been to church in over 40 years. Had
some lessons cancel which sucked but we were able to make some contact
attempts and a lesson with a family of YSA's.

Wednesday: Had a different food bank today. Gave away a ton of food to
people that needed it. That was a lot of fun. Didn't have a lot of
time to get to district meeting. Had district meeting which well, the
Spanish sisters taught the training. Had some studies and then had a
lesson with Scotty who is in the YSA.

Thursday: Went on exchanges today which went really well. Spent the
day with Elder Witzell in my area. Had a great time contacting less
active members in the ward. Found about 3 families in the ward that
are no longer living in the address listed in the directory. Getting
closer to being able to assign everyone home/visiting teachers to get
a better read on who is ready to have us come visit them. Return and
report:) without having 100% home teaching, how are we supposed to
know how the people in the ward are doing?? We cannot physically see
everyone in the ward every month by ourselves and report how they're
doing to the bishop. So then he can pick out of all those people we
need to focus our time on more... doesnt work that way:) we are a ward
family and we work together. Other than that, had a lesson with Dereck
and ended it with that pretty much.

Friday: Pretty crazy day... failed at doing weekly planning because of
the lack of communication between my companion and I. Had a really
good ward missionary meeting! Had almost all of the ward missionaries
there and hopefully we will be able to get them more involved now that
we will be meeting with them weekly.

Saturday: Had a pretty good Saturday. Had service with a guy named
Roger who is a potential investigator in someone else's area. The
service was sanding the hood on an old 1967 Chevy pick up. Rushed to a
baptism after that, which Dereck came to! Said he really loved it and
looks forward to his baptism. He did want to push his date back just a
little though so now he is getting baptized June 17th now. Went on a
district blitz which was very successful. We received one new
investigator and two member referrals! Super awesome! After that we
helped our neighbor move into her place. Turns out she is a less
active member. She is moving in with her daughter to help out after
she has her baby. Her daughter is not a member and may start teaching
her soon.

Sunday: Nothing too exciting this morning. Only was able to go to YSA
Sacrament meeting because Elder Inskeep was sick with some bug. After
church we had dinner with some awesome members. We then went and
contacted some people and then went to the church to Skype home! It
was awesome to see everyone:) This was my last call home too before
going home! Super awesome! Its coming soon!

My message and invitation today is to do your home teaching or
visiting teaching. They are the key to missionary work! Please visit
the families in your ward! They are all loved very much by our
Heavenly Father. They are loved by Him just as much as you are loved
by Him. Keep up the great work and Happy Mothers Day!


Elder Smith

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