Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Week 98

AREA: Safford, AZ
COMPANION: Elder Maloy

Friends and Family,

Monday: pretty typical pday, nothing too exciting to share unfortunately.

Tuesday: Somewhat of a sad/good day. Part of missionary work is
teaching people and having them drop you... Ethan dropped us this
morning. Said that he just felt he was wasting our time which was too
bad. Other than that, we made some plans on how we could involve the
ward members more. Spent some time at the church this evening and was
able to talk with a guy who came home early from his mission in the
MTC. The only difference between him and me when it came to the MTC
was that he went home. It was a pretty cool experience to be able to
relate to him in ways and testify to him of how worth it was to push
through those 12 days of hell.

Wednesday: Had a pretty fun day. Had district meeting and I invited
Elder Maloy to give the training and he was happy to do so. It went
well. After district meeting we spent time contacting less actives and
then had a lesson with our newer investigator Chuck. He is a pretty
cool guy and has a desire to change big time. When we came out of the
lesson we saw how big the fire really was on the mountain and wow! The
fire started June 7th from a bolt of lightning and now has burned over
17,000 acres... that was just by Wednesday though.

Thursday: went on exchanges with Elder Degrange and Witzel. I went
with Elder Witzel in his area and it was pretty fun. It was super hot
being in a bike area for a day but it was fun being with Elder Witzel.

Friday: Good weekly planning day. The morning we did a little extra
studies which was very enjoyable and then we started some planning.
After some planning we had interviews with President Passey which went
really well. Pretty sure that was considered my "dying interview." Not
sure though... pretty sure I will have at least one more with
President Browning when he comes into the mission. He will be coming
into the mission on the 1st of July! Can't believe the Passey's are
going home.

Saturday: We had some great lessons today! The first one was with a
less active that loved to talk which is understandable because it
doesnt seem like she gets out much because of her health. We then
attempted/successfully visited with some less actives/potentials and
then visited with our new investigator Arthur, the one missing a leg
and foot. The lesson went well, we taught about the restoration of the
gospel and the Plan of Salvation. Taught about how we will receive a
perfected immortal body when we are all resurrected and that we can
have eternal families as well. His face lit up and the thought of that
I felt almost brought him to tears. Ended the night with a lesson with
James, a less active which went very well too:) taught the restoration
and he loved it.

Sunday: Typical Sunday, didn't have anything too exciting happen. Had
some less actives at church and it rained which was nice. Did not put
out the fire though which was unfortunate, the current amount of land
burnt in the fire I believe is about 35,000 acres! This thing is out
of control!

I would like to bear my testimony of the Book of Mormon and that it
has the power to change people. The message it proclaims is a perfect
message. It is the word of God and was given to us to make us happier
and I am a witness that it really can make us happier. Since I have
started reading the Book of Mormon everyday, I have seen a light come
into my life that I never had felt or seen before. I promise you that
if you commit to read it, you will gain a testimony of the
truthfulness of it, come closer to Christ, gaining a testimony of the
restored gospel, and experience more happiness in your life than ever

I love you all;) have a great week everyone:)


Elder Smith

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