Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Week 92

AREA: Safford, AZ
COMPANION: Elder Inskeep 

Friends and Family,

Monday: Today was pretty good, had a normal pday. Nothing that we
didn't do previous weeks.

Tuesday: had zone conference today and it was pretty good. Super
awesome trainings on basic social skills. After zone conference we
went over to a members place so we could talk to her about a referral
she gave us. She is about 12 and she is going to. Inviting her friend
to come to church with her. We also had a great visit with a member on
the directory we have been trying to find for a long time.

Wednesday: Had a good time contacting members and we are almost
through one of the zones that we organized. Hopefully we will be able
to contact all of the members soon. Had a lesson with our new
investigator Maryann and I'm not sure how it really went. She seemed
to be pretty interested, although she did seem like she wasn't
completely all there. Going on exchanges tonight with the zone leaders
and I'm definitely looking forward to how this goes.

Thursday: Today was one of the best days of my entire mission! I loved
it! It was a lot of fun, we worked hard, and just had a lot of smiles
and laughs. Elder Reidrenoso is one of my favorite missionaries in the
mission! He is so much fun! Had foodbank and while we were there we
get a text from a potential investigator of ours who wanted to meet up
with us today. Completely out of the blue and I didn't even know who
he was. Scheduled the lesson and it was amazing! We taught the
restoration, extended a date for June 24th, and he accepted it! The
reason he is meeting with us is because his friend agreed to learn
about his church if he learned about hers. Said that if he receives an
answer that the Book of Mormon is true, that he will get baptized.
Good thing that it is true and if he does pray about it, he will
receive the answer that it is true:) Had a lesson with Dereck too
which was awesome! This past weekend he went up to Phoenix area and
went on a temple tour around the area seeing all the temples. All he
could talk about was how powerful the spirit was there.

Friday: Pretty lame day... Practically weekly planned all day...
pretty much did everything by myself too because Elder Inskeep didn't
want to talk to me... Very frustrating. Had district prayer this
evening and it was pretty awesome! Just laughed and got to know each
other better. Starting to become more and more like a family.

Saturday: Today was really good. We did some service this morning at a
cemetery for a kid in the areas Eagle project. He is taking pictures
of all of the grave stones in the cemetery. Spent a good amount of
time doing that before having to head over to a kid in our wards
baptism. He is 8, but because of the situation he is in with his
parents splitting, they thought it would be best for the missionaries
to teach him the lessons before getting baptized. Taught him a few of
the lessons. Interviewed someone for baptism, had a district blitz,
and contacted a potential less active we can work with for our YSA
branch. The rest of the night we had a quick lesson with Johnny and
then had our coordination meeting with our Branch mission leader.

Sunday: Really awesome Sunday. Didn't have any meetings this morning.
Had regular church which is always awesome, although after first hour
Elder Inskeep and I split so that I could attend our new investigator
Ethan's church. His church is a non-denominational church that was
very cool. The spirit was definitely there... but it was a different
spirit. More of a spirit of going to a concert with a very good
Christian band and then having a motivational speaker afterward. I
love the spirit we can feel in our church services, although it may
not be as "entertaining" I dont believe thats what we go to church for
anyway... we go to feel the spirit and renew our covenants. Had a
great lesson after all the church meetings with Gabe, a less active,
and then a lesson with a less active mom and son. Ended the night with
meeting with Dale our neighbor. Love that guy a lot.

This past Sunday I recognized the importance of saving ordinances,
especially the sacrament. Having the opportunity to go to Ethan's
church helped me a lot to recognize that. Something that I tried to
pay attention to the most while at both lds and non denomination
church's that day was the spirit. The first meeting I went to was the
lds service and then the non denomination. Both meetings I felt the
spirit strongly. The difference in the type of spirit though was that
made a difference for me.

Galatians 5:22-23
"But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering,
gentleness, goodness, faith,... Meekness, temperance: against such
there is no law."

The scriptures teach us "Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know
them." (Matthew 7:20)

This experience truly recognize the fruits of our church and prophet.
I know the church is true, I know God loves each and everyone of us,
and I know that Has a plan for each and everyone one of us that we
need to be striving to learn everyday. I love you all! Have a great


Elder Smith

P.s. I know I look fat... I'm working on it.

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