Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Week 99

AREA: Safford, AZ
COMPANION: Elder Maloy

Monday: typical pday, nothing too exciting to report on.

Tuesday: Happy 4th or July! We did not do anything super exciting
unfortunately. This morning we went to a pancake breakfast with a
different ward and that was about it. The rest of the day we attempted
to visit people, unfortunately nobody was home. Didn't have anyone
sign up for dinner so we had some tacos at the Smith's home and then
the Curtis family texted and said we could come over to their place
for some BBQ.

Wednesday: Alright day... it was one of those days that everything
canceled and you had to keep using your backups but none of them
worked. That kinda sucked... Weighted myself and I am currently about
185 lbs and I came out at 150... that means I have gained 35 lbs on my
mission. Not as bad as I originally thought I did though. Since I'm
going home soon, I thought I would take my morning workouts a little
more serious so I have been running. I'm so out of shape its crazy!

Thursday: Had a zone conference and met the Brownings! It was super
cool to finally meet them and they are awesome! They have 3 kids
currently staying with them at the mission home and another who will
be joining them in august. They range from the ages of 5-17. Super
crazy!! Total they have 8 kids I believe. He definitely has an amazing
vision for the mission and I look forward to briefly seeing what is to
come in the mission. After the conference we had one of the best
lessons I have been to in awhile! It was with a less active in the YSA
branch who came home from his mission early and went less-active
shortly afterwards. He has been struggling with his faith and during
our visit we found that faith just a little bit. We decided to switch
it up slightly and invited him to teach us, he got to the second point
of the restoration lesson and started to cry. The happiness he felt
when he remembered that God blesses us with families. After his lesson
we found a new investigator named Adreas! Very exciting day!

Friday: Weekly planning day... evening included us meeting with some
members and having district prayer.

Saturday: Tried to do visits all day, was alright... had some lessons
in the evening. Dinner was great! Dale had a party type thing with
steaks! Super good and had a few people over from the elders quorum.

Sunday: Very good sabbath! Had a good amount of less actives at church
today and an investigator. Was in church practically the whole day and
ended with mission prep.

The gospel blesses families. After the lesson with Kevin, I pondered a
lot on how happy the gospel has made my family. The gospel has always
been a part of my families life and sometimes when something has
always been apart of your life in general, you take it for granted. I
am grateful to have grown up in a home with the restored gospel of
Jesus Christ. I am grateful for my parents who made it a priority to
have weekly family home evening, daily family prayer and scripture
study, weekly church attendance, and much more! I love my parents so

3 Nephi 18:21 --- "Pray in your families unto the Father, always in my
name, that your wives and your children may be blessed."

Have a great week:)


Elder Smith

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