Friday, April 28, 2017

Week 82

AREA: TucsonMidvale
COMPANION: Elder Edward

Family & Friends:

Monday: Today was pretty busy with stuff. Elder Bradfield had to pack
up all of his stuff and get it ready for transfers tomorrow. Spent a
majority of the day doing that and saying goodbye to families in the

Tuesday: Today was a pretty busy day. Went to the transfer site this
morning after bringing all of Bradfields stuff to his new place. Elder
Bradfield is now an ASL missionary which he is very excited about.
When Elder Edward and I got back to our place he unpacked while I
sorta cleaned up a little. Went shopping, visited the Provstgaards
briefly, helped their neighbor with her car, had dinner, and then ward
correlation meeting. Elder Edward is awesome so far. He is from
Micronesia which is in the South Pacific near Australia and the
Philippines.  He speaks English very well, sometimes I cant even tell
he has an accent. He is also been out a year.

Wednesday: Had zone meeting and it was pretty good. Had a lesson with
Faith after and it actually went really well. We both felt like things
were going somewhere with her. Had dinner in Sells with John and Era.
Had a great time with them and ended up staying pretty late, not
getting home till almost 10.

Thursday: Service all day... First service of the day was at brother
Freeman's where we berried a chord that plugged into one of his sheds.
It felt somewhat unnecessary but it was fun spending some time with
brother freeman:) After his place we went to Faith's for a lesson
which ended up turning into us cleaning up after their house that
burned down about 7 months ago. That place was a mess  and were not
even close to cleaning it all up. After her place a member gave us
money for dinner so we went to Panda Express.

Friday: Did not go as planned... This morning we helped brother
Collingwood with some things he needed help to move into his place.
After that we headed back to the apartment to do some studies and do
some weekly planning. Had a lesson with Crystal and helped her prepare
for her interview tomorrow some more and went over the plans for her
baptism. Can't believe its coming up! :) super exciting!

Saturday: Service all day today! started with Brother Collingwood
again, then Brother Freeman, then our investigator Mark, and finally a
member in our wards mom's. Very exhausted and a little sun burned. Its
starting to get pretty hot. Another thing is that Crystal had her
baptismal interview and she did great:)

Sunday: Very good sabbath. Meetings went well, had good lesson topics,
and learned some new things. Crystal came to church of course and a
member brought his girlfriend to church who is a member that hadn't
been to church since she was 12 years old. After church I felt like
going by the Mormon Battalion statue in downtown Tucson so we stopped
by there and ended up spending 2 or more hours talking to this guy
named Adrian. Super cool guy, just a little crazy and has some
interesting viewpoints. We went home, ate lunch, and then went over to
the Provstgaards for a little and said hello to some of the animals.
Went to bishops as usual and ended the night with Tyna's.

The church is true.

I love you all:) Have a great night:)

Elder Smith

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