Friday, April 28, 2017

Week 88

AREA: Safford, AZ
COMPANION: Elder Inskeep 

Friends and Family,

Monday: Super crazy day... This morning I spent a majority of the day
packing, driving, and stressing about transfers happening. Got most of
my packing done and thought I could finish the rest of my packing
tomorrow. I was able to go say goodbye to Tyna and a few other members
in the ward. Tyna didn't take it too well... I think she will be okay

Tuesday: Super crazy morning... I did not think I had as much stuff as
I had. We ended up showing up to the transfer sight late which kinda
was embarrassing. Had a nice time sitting in the transfer van for a
few hours driving over to the Gila Valley. Spent a good amount of time
unpacking and organizing my stuff. My apartment is super nice! It was
built very recently and has a good amount of space inside. Had a few
lessons this evening which all went really well. So far I am enjoying
Safford very much and have no complaints so far.

Wednesday: We had service this morning before going to district
meeting. District meeting went well. My district is pretty good, not
as big as the last one which is nice. Only two sets instead of three.
There is a senior couple but they dont really count I feel like. After
district meeting we got some free pizza at Dominoes because
missionaries get free pizza there! I love the Gila Valley! Had a
lesson with a less active, had dinner, and had a lesson with one of
our investigators Brianna. We set a baptismal date with her for the
20th of May! Super exciting:) we are going to turn our branch into a
ward before you know it:)

Thursday: Had service again today at a food bank which was a lot of
fun. It was a Catholic food bank and it was a pretty cool program.
After food bank we had studies and then some lessons. One of our
investigators in the family ward we serve in is named Kevin Ryan...
thought that was pretty funny being I have a brother named Kevin and
my first name is Ryan. Anyway, Kevin is doing okay, doesnt seem like
he want to progress very much which is unfortunate although I feel
like he wants to change and knows he needs to, its just its very
inconvenient for his life at the moment... Not sure if he is waiting
till its more convenient or something but he will come around. Had a
great time for this volunteer day dinner the food bank we served at
was having. A Catholic priest was there and I was able to talk to him
for awhile about religion. We may be attending one of his services
soon which should be cool.

Friday: Super exciting weekly planning day... Did our planning at the
church building in the mothers lounge because its more comfortable. We
then had a few appointments we had to make it too before dinner. After
dinner we had a great lesson with our investigator Derek. We invited
him as well to be baptized on May 20th! Picked the wrong day to stop
by to see a certain less active on 4/20... šŸš¬

Saturday: Today was a pretty good day.  Had a nice time attempting to
contact some people, get canceled on, and visit with people. The
visiting with people was one of my most favorite parts. I really enjoy
teaching people here. Most of the people that live here have lived
here their whole lives and have seen a lot of members over the years.
Because of that they have seen how members really are and when they
decide to start meeting with the missionaries, they really want to
meet with the missionaries and they're not just doing it to be nice.
This evening for dinner we had an activity with the Elders in the YSA
and it was a blast! We had a skeet and eat, which consisted of
shotguns, clay pigeons, burgers, and hotdogs. I love serving YSA! Even
though we weren't able to shoot the guns, it was still fun to be apart
of it.

Sunday: Super awesome to cover two different congregations again haha
kinda.... had a meeting this morning at 7am which was super
early... but the meeting went really well. I discussed a little some
of the things that I was doing in my last area with trying to get the
hometeaching up and the ward council loved it! They really jumped on
that idea and almost everything else said the rest of the meeting was
how can we get the ward members motivated to do that.

This week during my studies there were a lot of things that stuck out
to me. One of those things I found in 1 Nephi 8, the background of
this chapter is often known as Lehi's Vision. Lehi, the prophet at the
time had a vision and told his sons about it. Nephi recorded the
vision that his father had told him. This vision was very symbolic of
our journey through life and how we will be expected to try and hold
to the Word of God, and by doing that, it will safely guide us through
this dark and dreary world. One of my favorite verses in that chapter
is verse 8 because it outlines the reason I am on a mission, and it

"And as I partook of the fruit thereof it filled my soul with
exceedingly great joy; wherefore, I began to be desirous that my
family should partake of it also; for I knew that it was desirable
above all other fruit."

This verse is talking about how Nephi partook of this fruit and that
the way he felt was "exceedingly great joy." Now this is not because
he just ate some fruit, this fruit is symbolic of the the love of God,
which He showed by giving His Son to be our Savior. I testify that I
have partaken of this fruit and that I desire all of my family to
partake of it. That is why I am out serving my mission, inviting, and
helping all of my brothers and sisters to come unto Christ and partake
of this fruit also.

I love you all! I pray you all have a great week! God Bless:)


Elder Smith

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